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3 bikes stolen

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By ntj - Posted on 04 September 2008

Well, here's my first post. And it's not a happy one. I have had a look through this site and I was planning on trying to meet up with you for some riding. I'll have to put that on hold now because last night my downhill bike, my wife's downhill bike and her cross country bikes were stolen. They spray-painted over the cameras outside the building and forced their way into our undercover garage. My wife's bike is the biggest deal to us, as she accepted that from me instead of an engagement ring. Here's the details of the stolen rides:

Giant Trance 4 2005 (Japanese model) Light blue/purple size 16 (small)
Fox Float RL rear shock
Rockshox revelation Air u-turn fork (white)
Sram X9 shifters/rear gears
Mavic Crossland wheels (silver)
IRC Mibro UST tyres
Commencal handlebar
Truvativ Firex cranks
Wellgo pedals (silver)
Specialized BG women’s saddle (black, blue middle groove)
Thomson Elite seat post (cut shorter)
Shimano Deore brakes

Santa Cruz VP Free 2005 Medium Powder coat white
Marzocchi Roco World Cup rear shock
Marzocchi 888 RC2X VA 2007
Truvativ Holzfeller Cranks with E-Thirteen DRS chain device
Dangerboy Pedals (red)
Shimano LX shifters /rear gears
Truvativ Hussefelt Bar/stem
Chris King Headset (black)
Easton Vice Seatpost
WTB Power V saddle
Sun Singletrack wheelset with Formula front / woodman rear hubs
Maxxis Minion front & rear tyres
Hayes nine brakes

Jamis Diabolo 2.0 2005 Black small
Marzocchi 66RC
Cane Creek headset
Titec seatpost / WTB Power V seat
Truvativ Hussefelt stem/bars/cranks with 2-ring chain device
WTB wheelset with Maxxis Highroller tyres
Dangerboy Pedals (pink)
Sram X7 Gearset
Hayes mag brakes

Another bike was actually found at our place, a silver Specialized Rockhopper size 19. Contact North Sydney police if you are missing it.

Needless to say, if anyone knows anything they will be rewarded and truly thanked.


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Sorry to hear that Nigel. I too have recently built up my own bike and can only imagine the despair at knowing your rig is gone. That would suck big time. Hopefully someone notices your bikes around and catches the scumbag(s) soon. Laughing out loud

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Sorry to hear about your lose.
Hope they catch the f*^kers.

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Sorry to hear about the bad news. Real bikers would not buy them and use them on a track. But my friend got his bike stolen from the local kids and found his bike in bits on ebay as a quick sale on a knock down price the next day.
Good luck and if you are insured happy shopping! Shame about your wife's engagement bike. It did not have a diamond lodged somewhere in it?
And post some photos on here.

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Diablos are rare around as are most jamis's
that sucks
will keep an eye out


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Yep, so are Diabolos with non 1.5 headsets - it was a bastard to get that installed cos of the butting in the headtube blocking the headset remover.

There were no diamonds in the Trance, but that's how I knew my wife was the one. I gave her the choice between the bike and a ring. She went for the bike.

I'll put pics up tonight.

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Bike or the ring and she went for the bike.....priceless. Sorry about your misfortune, I'll keep an eye out for them on the trails. Mick

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none so rare as a mrs that will except bike over ring though lol! but my condolances too mate that really sux, im guessing you didnt have insurance but for future i can recommend western qbe, covers you for a bloody low cost ($110 for me p.a. for a $6500 coverage) prob not what you want to hear but its worth it..(i dont work for them by the way!)

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man ill keep an eye out all so as we sell jamis they may try to off load it.

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Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to link photos to this thread. But here are some I put up in farkin (my first post there too):

Like I mentioned there, $1000 to whoever can get me those bikes back.

I actually had good luck with this one. I went for a night ride on Wednesday and left my Superlight in the van, so the bastards didn't get that one.

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i know its not the perfect answer but


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what if she'd said "i'll take the ring" (meaning engagement ring, not any other form of ring).

then you'd be stuck with a fiance who you know isn't the one and have wasted a shed load of money on a ring.

good luck with the bikes though.

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Pictures of the thief have been placed here:

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Mathew Reilly
stole your bikes

looks like him hey

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I would have to say that is no crime of opportunity. He knew exactly what he was going for and where to get it.

I would blow up those pics and do some A4 fliers to plaster all over your building and telegraph poles / bulletin boards in your surrounding area. Also float them around all of your lbs just on the off chance some one there knows him.

Good luck mate

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They often run stories of local petty crime (Manly Daily does anyway) and they love pictures to go with stories.

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That's really crap to hear Sad I got a cheap bike stolen and i was heart broken. I now take my bike security really seriously. The great bikes live inside (got a 2 up rack). The cheaper bikes are outside, locked with 3 different locks.
Hope you get to see your bikes again!

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Another approach to get your bike back...

Rgds, Hans
There are two paths you can go by but in the long run........

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