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Perimetre track

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By sarina - Posted on 12 November 2008

Sunday, 16 November, 2008 - 05:45
1 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Terrey Hills / Duffys Forest
Meeting Point: 

Park opposite/beside Terrey Hills shops, corner Booralie Rd/Yulong Ave. Or in the small carpark next to the RFS station & community centre.

-33.682365 151.227937 (Terrey Hills Shops)

so far we have about 6 "newby-ish" riders, just a fun ride - these guys haven't done this track and i'm going to show them the route, a clockwise lap and then for anyone who wants to we'll do it in reverse to get up to a 2 hour ride.
Last week we took them on the Duck Hole and Centre track and they did pretty well, just slow on the uphill. BUT they're keen & trying to get fitter.

Who's in?
Bernd, sarina, Slowpup
Bernd sarina Slowpup
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Rob's picture

That's a typo, right?! Shocked

I didn't think even the hardcore get up that early!

Bernd's picture

.. up and ride!!!

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so, we get there around 5:30am. Ride. Get back home in time for children waking up and no-one even knows you've been riding (except for the blood, mud and smiley face).
Is that "hardcore"? Smiling
PS:that means getting up at 4:30ish.


Damien's picture

Best time of day to ride I will be starting my Oaks up and down on Saturday about the same time.

Bernd's picture

... best time!
I may be there aswell, confirm tonight!

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Hi Sarina,

Is the ride still on and what sort of numbers are turning up other than the two already confirmed ?

sarina's picture

Yep, still on and i have Tim, John, Tony, James,maybe Tomboy & Shayne + me.
Also maybe Berndt? I'll go regardless of weather and happy to have any company Smiling
I'll bring muffins too for after ride. Food incentives.

pikey's picture

are for hangovers

Salad is what food eats Smiling

Bernd's picture

German Bier does not give u hangovers!!!
I see u at 5-45am...

pikey's picture

That means I would have to leave home at 5:38.

I don't know. Still thinking....If I'm not there then I'm not going to be.


Salad is what food eats Smiling

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Gr8t ride, new track, for me anyway, gr8t Blueberry muffins, what a morning!!
Thanks a lot.

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It was lovely to ride with the Nobmobbers and happy to take you around some new tracks - i had thought the Mob would know ALL the tracks? I had a lovely time, thanks guys & Gal!
Bernd, I'll see what ride you post for Thursday and maybe do that this week - woulnd't mind doing a longer/faster night ride if that's an option (less stops)? Scoot

I'll get the photos up if i can.....

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