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Any rides starting North Ryde end??

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By kiwiboy - Posted on 28 August 2007

Any rides starting North Ryde end??
I have just moved offices to the wonderful metropolitan climes of North Ryde, and wondering if there are any tracks I can get around in a lunch break from somewhere near Julius Drive??
I know the northern walk is just right by the new office, but anecdotal evidence suggests I am not allowed to ride??
Also looking for lunchtime ride buddies....

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at lunch break with you. I work for CSIRO at Nth Ryde.

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I've just noticed that your original post is more than a year old.
But if you're still working near Julius Drive and will like to go a ride at lunch break let me know.

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This post (& some others) were 'relocated' and appear to be new posts in the 'my unseen' tab...

Haven't heard much from kiwiboy for a while so not sure where he is these days.

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