You are hereWe're considering a BBQ soon what's your preferred date?

We're considering a BBQ soon what's your preferred date?

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By lorrie - Posted on 03 December 2008

Sun 14th Dec
26% (8 votes)
Sat 20th Dec
16% (5 votes)
Sun 21st Dec
58% (18 votes)
Wed 24th Dec
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 31
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Possibly the 14th at this stage with all this Xmas stuff going on.

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Although, I'll be very tired due to a massive weekend. The first one in ages - and the last one for this year...

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Can i suggest, we make it early 2009?

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No can do on any of those dates

Maybe an Australia Day ride and BBQ

Let there be light

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Have voted for 21st as most other people have!

I should be able to come along on whatever date is chosen.


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cant do the 21st and would have my head on a platter if I organised it without her AGAIN.


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i will just have to do a fly by.. go with the majority - but thank you!!!! xox Smiling

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14th I've got plans and for the rest I'll be OS.

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how about we do a morning christmas decoration lap of the dam and then have champagne breakfast that can flow into lunch - Lorrie said he has to book the bbq area for the whole day...
that would be FUN!!!!!

go on!

lozza6's picture

Morning and lunch might be possible! Smiling

14th if any for me

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paid no attention to the fact Lorrie has posted it for the 21st - maybe you could be the new blondie...

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Deck my balls with sprigs of holly, tra la la la la

I think the 21st is a goer
Just need to double check with the big cheese

Hope I haven't put anyone off

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I'm out cos I'm gonna go to VEGAS FOR NYE! woooo!!!!

leaving 19/20th..

so have a good one guys!

ps you girls all gossip so much, its hard to keep up with the thread...

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