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By Andy Bloot - Posted on 10 December 2008

Just read on farkin that over 150 letters were received in support of the Hornsby MTB trail
Nice one
He says that most were from farkiners but I bet we had a fair bit to do with it as well
There is a meeting on tonight so should be interesting


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Yeah - check out the HSMBA site:


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.....yes Rob the more local groups pursuing the same objective can't be a bad thing.
I have joined up to help where I can
Interesting photos on their site, I'm sure I know a few of them???

Good work with keeping the trail info flowing


Salad is what food eats Smiling

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I've registered with HSMBA to show support to their group and help in any way to ensure that a trail is built in Hornsby Shire. I reckon the more users they have, the stronger thier case to the local government should be.

I encourage all nobmobers to join


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Last night the council voted unanimously to do a feasibility study (my word, not theirs) on the viability of a creating a dedicated mountain bike trail in the shire. UNREAL!

Campbell did his 4 minute (hastily condensed to 3 minutes) speech to council and he was a ROCK! Excellent job mate. There were about 9 of us there last night to, um, experience our first council open meeting.

The more support HSMBA can get from the community, in terms of trail design and construction, pledges to volunteer for maintenance work, other stuff like funding for campaign (again my word) materiel, or just registering interest in wanting to ride on an MTB track in the area, the more influence we'll be able to have on the outcome.

There's still a long way to go but this is a positive indicator that Hornsby council is willing to listen to its residents as well as the broader cycling community and support mountain bike riding.

We'll keep you posted.....And remember - register your support at http://hsmba.info/user/register

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Great outcome so far...


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Just read the section 14 of the HSC business papers linked in the other thread:

"Provision of such facilities would have the following benefits:
- Improvement in exercise rates among the local population
- Improvement in appreciation for the natural environment
- Discouragement of the use and construction of illegal and environmentally
unsustainable trails by the provision of an attractive alternative
- Attraction of users from outside the area who spend and contribute to the local

Looks like a snippet from my submission made it into the main report. How cool is that? LOL

Of course, we need to be careful not to get too far ahead of ourselves. Now the real work starts.

On behalf of us "users from outside the area ", my thanks to everyone who filed in a submission. Lets continue to support the Hornsby guys - it helps all of us.

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I think the coolest thing about the meeting was the Major. I might have read it wrong but after I had avoided sledging the current fire trail network he asked a question of the council management. - "we have a lot of fire trails in the shire, isnt this enough" - and management had to answer "no, its not suitable and they need single track and the nearest single track is manly dam, ourimbah and wingello.......".

I think this was a leading question that I am certain he knew the answer to. Maybe Im being overly optimistic but I think he was assisting by getting on record that the current network of firetrails is not sufficient.

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as well!

Let there be light

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