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anyone dropping out of the sydney 24hr?

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By GAZZA - Posted on 10 January 2009

due to people scaring me on the pinch climbs on this course i've decided to give it a miss as my first 24 solo attempt.
my last minute decision on this leaves me without a team for this event.
if anyone from a fairly competitive team drops out could you please consider me as a last minute fill in.
those who know me know i've been training hard lately.
those who dont know me, well, ive been training hard lately!
whoever you are, i wont let you down.
p.m. me if anything comes up.

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First resrve for team toasted but I dont like your chances hope you find a team.

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Hi Gazza,
The climb will definitely keep you honest, but the downhill on the other side is worth it Smiling
However we are still working on smoothing it out and taming the hill.
I know that Tim is still looking for a team. His details are here:

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Leave the 'sprouts' at home mate. That should make the hill a bit easier.

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Hi Gazza,

I'm thinking I might give this a go if you want to try and form a new team. Let me know what you think.

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there's also tim(look above at previous post) but i'd want to do it as a team of four at least just so we get some rest overnight if we do double laps. any takers for a semi competitive/relaxed team?

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I definitely wasn't meaning as a pair. I reckon at least 4 is the way to go.

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I'm keen to join a team of 4 or more

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That looks like a team then. Gazza, myself, jdb, Andrew and a couple of mates of mine. PM me back of you're all keen.

Cheers Lincoln

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i'll call you back sometime tomorrow mate.

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