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Ayups Lights - Lost at Manly Dam

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 15 January 2009

Hi all,

If you are riding Manly Dam today, please be on the lookout for a set of Ayups lights. I believe my handlebar lights have fallen off somewhere on the standard loop.

Lets hope I hear some good news from someone!! Smiling

(I have also posted this message on Farkin too.)

Thank you!

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thats very bad luck, hope someone "nice" finds them!!

PIVOT MACH 5's picture

I'll be there friday morning for a big ride. Maybe 6 laps? So i'll have plenty of chances to look for your lights!

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Thanks, lets hope this is my lucky day. Smiling

Echo's picture

Did a loop of Manly Dam this morning about 10am with no luck on the Ayup lights. And with my slow pace in this heat nothing caught my eye. What colour are they?

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Did you loose them last night or on an early ride this morning.

The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

Buck's picture

It was on the night ride Pikey.

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I was a few mins behind you but didn't see anything. Mind you, I wasn't actively looking.

What colour were they?

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How the bloody hell could you not notice a light (big bright think that assists you in not running into trees and rocks) fall off your handle bars and you didnt notice?

Is there something special about you we don't know yet???

Are you from this planet??

Pikey Smiling

The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

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Pikey, you are nothing if not predictable. I knew someone would eventually ask that question. Smiling

The lights were attached to my bike while there was still sunlight about. My first lap of the Dam was done in bright, sunny and hot conditions. There was no need to turn them on. Only when I really wanted them on (about 30 mins of riding left) did I notice them missing. Such is life.

They are silver in colour. Quite reflective, so should stand out clearly if in the middle of the trail.

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this night ride did not start at night, not even dusk.

I opted for a family trip to the beach and it was still light well after 8, infact there was still light on the western horizon at almost 9 when we were on our way home

Let there be light

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I would borrow a set tonight and go for a slow ride in both directions
they should stick out if know one has found them!

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and then shot off somewhere at a million miles an hour.

Sorry to be so negative Ditty, I hope they do find their way home.

If they don't, can I suggest you shoot Ay-Up an email. Everything I have heard would suggest they are pretty helpful folks and you never know, you may get a replacement head unit at a greatly reduced cost.

Good luck

Let there be light

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Actually Stu, that's a good idea. I will leave it a few days to see what comes of my notice first.

But I wouldn't even want a new spec one. Even the old sort they get traded in to them would do (obsolete). Maybe they would give it to me for free, or greatly discounted? Who knows? Eye-wink

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Sorry but i didnt see any lights around manly today. hope you find them. somehow.

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