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The 26inches Vestal Virgin 10hr Classic - Awaba May 2nd 2009

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 16 January 2009

For those that don't know, HMBA, 26inches and Lab Gear will be hosting the Vestal Virgin 10hr Classic at Awaba on the 2nd May 2009.

Entries and full event details will be available in the very near future.

The following is the press release on the Lab Gear website.

May 2nd, 2009 brings an offering that’s a true once in a lifetime, the opportunity every mountain biker dreams about but rarely achieves. The unique chance to lay down the first angry laps on a brand new, virgin course.

The 26inches Vestal Virgin 10hr Classic (VVC) is the inaugural enduro event of HMBA’s new Awaba XC course and Mountain Bike park in progress. Designed by famous Glen Jacob’s ‘World Trails’, the Awaba area is set to be the destination for mtbers, not only from the Hunter region but also from Sydney and further afield, with trails designed by one of the world’s best course designers and built to the international standard set by IMBA. The VVC, based on a 10hr hour format, will offer something for every level of rider as well as for the young ones and partners in tow. In short, the VVC is an event for the whole family.

As part of a forming trail alliance partnership between HMBA, 26inches, Lab-Gear and other like minded organisations, the VVC paves the way for a ‘by riders, for riders’ methodology, offering all riders the opportunity to be involved in the Awaba project at a greater level and create a true, and unrivaled, sense of ownership of the trails, as a portion of entry fees go towards ongoing development of the Awaba trails.

Hopefully we can see a few of you there in May.

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Day before Dirtworks.... Bugger !


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There will most likely be a second 10hr in spring, although the calendar is looking pretty full then as well.

Its a good time to be a rider, not a great time to be putting races on, but the 10hr was always intended as a pretty relaxed affair.

You could always come up race the saturday and sunday, think of it as a 24hr with a big break.


As a matter of interest, Would the people here already doing the DW100, do another race the weekend before/after?

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There are probably those who would race the weekend before an enduro, but not me. The track would have to be awesome and the team mates relaxed for me to be racing the one after too.

This is a shame 'cos I'd love to come try out your new track but not sure I'll be up for it close to DW.

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Its a bit like the capital punishment enduro that has been announced. If I had of known that that event was coming up i wouldn't have entered Dirtworks. I think most people are salivating at the chance to ride at Awaba {especially after watching the helmet cam on the website} but dirtworks sells out pretty quick and im not sure how many people are capable of a Ten hour enduro and then a 100 in the space of 7 days

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Official word from Sammydog will come along but appears to now be the 9th (knowing that Mothers day is next day).

I've ridden the current trail at Awaba and can say it is FANTASTIC!

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Well, you go away from the computer for 24hrs and everyone else finds stuff out first.

Should be better the weekend after the DW100. Might get some people come along for a relaxed wind down. Its the day before mothers day, but the 10pm finish will mean people can get home on time.

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Hey Sammydog

Can't imagine how I could harvest enough brownie points to go racing two weeks in a row sadly.( I will fondly imagine that my legs and lungs would cope ok....Ha ha )

Look forward to future events at the course, it looks great.


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Entries are now open for the 10hr, go to to enter. Remember, it is now on Saturday the 9th.

And a few more race details.

[b]Race Details:[/b]

Entry cost is $57 per rider + gst
Teams of 1,2,3 and 4 with the possibility of the 'Everyone's a solo' making a return.
A rider cap of 175 will be in place.
Toilets and BBQ will be on site.
On course treasure hunt.
Trophies and cash for 1st,2nd and 3rd.
Event sponsor details to be announced.

Last date to enter... May 1st, 2009

Also, a limited edition event quality Bond's T with colour print for $40 inc GST will be available for pre-ordering on the understanding that we will need a min of 25 T's to be ordered before we make the run. Contact us via email to put your name down of the list to order, or fill out the field when placing your entry.

[b]Team classes and handicaps are (We do not have age or sex categories.):[/b]

Solo: Zero laps down
Two Merry Riders: Two laps down
Three's Not a Crowd: Three laps down
Four Musketeers: Four laps down

[b]Prize categories:[/b]

The Big Prizes:

1st, 2nd and 3rd with the most overall unadjusted (clean) laps.

Handicap Prizes:

1st, 2nd and 3rd with the most overall adjusted laps (handicaps, bonus', bribes etc).

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Just bringing this one back to the top as we would love to see a few of you up here for the race.

The new additions to the trail network have been very well received at HMBA's last club rounds and more trail is due to be opened before the 10hr.

Entries for the race close May 1st.

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