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LOST: Sunglasses. Cascades/Quarry track. Sun 8/2/09

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By FieldofMars - Posted on 09 February 2009

Hi all,

I left my sunnies sitting on a rock next to the gate at the top of the Quarry track at Cascades on Sunday morning. The real tragedy was having to ride back up the hill a second time, only to discover they'd already left without me.

They're Bollés (not sure of the model - kind of Coachwhip-ish), with gun metal grey frames & lemon yellow lens.

To be honest, they look pretty silly (see attached photo as evidence), and this may be just the excuse I need to upgrade to something slightly less clown-like. If you did stumble across them, you're welcome to keep them, bearing in mind that you'll look quite eccentric if you choose to wear them. Also, the additional training I had to endure while looking for them will shave 4, possibly 5 hours off my Dirtworks time, so if I leave you in my dust on the trail, you'll have no-one to blame but yourself. Contact me if you'd like the neoprene case that goes with them.


(Long time lurker, first time poster.)

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Hi Colin

I originally thought they were in your backpack, but now my naturally suspicious mind thinks you deliberately threw them away to facilitate the aforementioned extra training and upgrade opportunity.( whilst justifying the need for upgrade to your good wife...)

Incidentally, given that you bought the bl00dy things in the first place, why should we expect you to purchase something less ridiculous next time ?

I noticed you blanked out the rest of your face.... very public spirited !


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Yes, I found them next to the gate, thought about leaving them there, but picked them up.

Happy to drop them back to you or meet somewhere.

(also Long time lurker, first time poster.)

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Dave, you're a legend!!

I'll sort something out with you on PM.


(sorry, CB, no visual improvements for the forseeable future. You only get to look at me from behind anyway)

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