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Sydney 24 stuff

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By Bikeboy - Posted on 10 February 2009

Help if you can !!
I am sitting here in a mild panic at the moment wondering what i need to bring with me for the Weekend .
Ok , i know i need my bike and a few spares , cables, tyres , tubes and even a set of brake pads . I have a tent ( big enough for one) and sleeping bag , air mattress and a esky full of Gluten free food ( pub grub makes me mega grumpy ) inclucing G F beer . But thats where my mind goes blank ......what else need to be thrown in the boot , looks like a wet weekend too ( clip on mud guards , Not that i have them ? )

Any help from someone who has done a 24 would be much appreciated

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Hey bikeboy,
I would say your in your kit you need to add a few things.
Glasses with lens for riding during day and night.
A couple of pairs of knicks and chamois cream.
A towel (I always forget) toliet stuff.
Panadol or other pain killer.
A chair to sit on and maybe a fold out table if possible.
Chain lube and rag as well.

That should get the car sort of filled up.....

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Stuff to take hmm havent thought about it yet I will make a list and post it up so you can get an idea.

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Your list is pretty good. Add the following.
1. Lots of clothes. Fresh clothes for every time it's your turn.
2. Toiletries. Obvious? Maybe, yet many have forgotten them.
3. Folding chair for all that waiting around.
4. Track pump, chain lube and your usual tools.
5. Sunscreen. Also a lotion for where the sun doesn't shine.
6. Lots of water/preferred riding drink.
7. Baby wipes.
8. Bog roll, incase they run out.
9. First aid kit with disinfectant.
And if at all possible...
10. Second bicycle.

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Here's basically what I take. I race solo so I also take things for the meal the night before (pasta / salad etc).

Each 24 I go to I learn something about what else I should take.

This is my loose guide of what I plan on taking.

Camp stove / pots / pans / cutting board
Plates / cups / bowls
Tea towel
Rubbish bags
Fry pan
Head torch
Camp torch
Toilet paper
Cooker + gas cans
Wet ones
Bag for smelly clothes

Knicks / knicks/ gloves / socks x2
Leg, head and arm warmers
Sunnies / clear lense glasses

Warm clothing ie jumper
Rain coat
Swimming togs (how many 24's can you say that at?)

Bike Stuff:
Bike (s)
Locks (you'll read some sad stories hear about bikes being stolen at races)
Parts (tyres / tubes etc)
Lights + chargers
Brush and spray bottle for cleaning bikes
Power board with name on it for light charging

Paw paw cream
Shampoo / soap / toiletries
Deep heat
First aid kit

muesli bars
power bars
Cans of soft drink
Red Bull
Peanut butter
Fruit Juice

As a guide as I said Smiling.

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shouldn't that be sore ball cream? dont get it mixed up with the deep heat mate or you could be in for a very hot lap! OUCH!!!

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That helps a lot ! OK one more question .....then i will bugger off ..
Where does one get Paw Paw cream from and is that a brand name ........ ha

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Wayne...this is also known as udder butter...! Available from CRC or the dairy farmer's supply store.

It's a slippery slide from here... Eye-wink

Cheers, Hans
May all your lines be the right ones...

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Just ask for paw paw creme, there's only one brand as far as I know in a red and black container. You shouldn't need it in a team of 6 though.

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Lucas products paw paw ointment is sold at woolies and coles as wells as priceline and chemists.

About $10 for a jar.

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You forgot one key item of clothing for this coming weeks 24 hr event.

a pair of Speedos, because with the heat and humidity due thats all I would be wearing Eye-wink


The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

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the thought of sleep deprived grown men running around in speedos made me check the refund policy . But it looks like the rain forcast may just save us all

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Awful hard to see what you're doing at night without a couple of lamps.

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Were covered by Scotts list , but all very useful tips on here so thanks . I am begining to think that my commodore sedan should have been a wagon .....with a trailer to take all the gear .

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