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Wrights Creek road access ?

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By CB - Posted on 26 February 2009

Does anyone know if it is legal to ride the first big hill (from Wrights Creek road up to the ridge top) other than on race day ?

I thought I read somewhere that it was on private property but not sure if it was my imagination.

I'd love to do the first loop as a training run but obviously only if it's legal, moral and low fat....


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Hmmm... can't find it now, but sure we've discussed this before and decided it's a bad idea. The national park doesn't start 'til half way up the hill which implies it's private property before then. Now - whether there is an easement or other public access right to get there is another matter.

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Hi Rob

Probably best to leave it alone then.

I suppose the next question is how far can you go along the ridge in the opposite direction ( going from GNR back to the hill) ? Presumably it's ok as long as I stay within the NP ?


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