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Ride around Colo Heights/ Putty

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By jaseh - Posted on 01 July 2009

Has anyone ridden any of the trails up in the Colo Heights/Putty area?
Mainly looking at the commission trail, culoul fire trail and the Womerah range trail (coming in from the Putty rd.

I was thinking of doing a loop of the commission trail, hunter main, howes valley then kindarun trails at putty. Or, I'm thinking a ride down the womerah to St albans, stay the night then ride back the next day. Looks to be a big ride though.

Only reason I'm looking at this area is I live in Singleton and my mate lives in Penrith and we are looking for something in the middle but not your usual places like Ourimbah. The lack of ST is not a worry as I find fire trail a lot more social when catching up with mates.

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Back in 2007 I thought the same thing. We set off to have a look at Grassy Hill Firetrail but stopped maybe half a kay too soon and ended up going down what appeared to be called Angorawa Creek. It was very sandy so not so pleasant. Pictures here:

After realising the mistake (after a long and testing ride) we drove further North and just round the corner (literally) was the start of Grassy Hill trail. Drive down it some way and looked to be a standard fire road. There's probably a nice view at the end but didn't go that far.

I've always wanted to ride from St Albans all the way along the Womerah Range so if you have a look from the other end and find it nice riding would be interested to hear.

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Thanks Rob, judging by those picture I won't be riding that trail. On one of the websites I found in my search of info, culoul, grassy hill and Womerah were the recommended trails for MTB.

I might just have to go on an exploratory ride to see what they are like.I'll post up some pics and a bit of a report once I do it.

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