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WAGs trundle @ Yellomundee

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By Rob - Posted on 15 July 2009

Saturday, 18 July, 2009 - 10:00
3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Yellomundee Regional Park
Meeting Point: 

There's a car park (click for foggy picture) on Springwood Road - just down the way from Hawkesbury Heights if you're looking for a suburb name.

-33.663669, 150.656361 (Hawkesbury Rd)

As discussed, a gentle trundle round the Yellomundee circuit (probably trying to miss the worst of the technical stuff) for relative newbies to get some practice in.

Who's in?
Rob, Buck, Gilbo, Andy Bloot, Greg P, Pratiwi, cRAZY Canuck, Danielvn, Paige (9 riders)
Rob Buck Gilbo Andy Bloot Greg P Pratiwi cRAZY Canuck Danielvn Paige
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I'm wagless (for this ride anyway) but keen to check out this joint now that it's not far away
Anyone up for a slightly quicker pace with a few of the techy bits thrown in

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I will be there a bit earlier about 8.00am I will be doing a few laps and a bit of practice on some of the techi bits I havent quite got the hang of yet I will probably be finisghing up and heading off as this ride starts.

cRAZY Canuck's picture

Partner and I will be there.

Andy Bloot's picture

I'll bring my spare lung
See you at 8
I'll feel like a gentle trundle afterwards

Damien's picture

Ok see you in the morning you will like the track its a lot of fun I will be taking it relatively easy so no need for that spare lung as I am a bit out of shape having just got over a cold.

Buck's picture

Thanks for organising Rob. That was good fun for both Paige and I. I hope the girls got something out of it. They certainly looked like they all made good progress through the day.

Rob's picture

Yeah, Pratiwi said she was sore all over and it felt good Smiling

Like you say - they certainly were riding more on the second lap which was the aim.

Nice to meet our Canadian friends at last too. Let's do another similar ride soon, eh?

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I think we saw you guys on Saturday...MY mate had the blue Pivot Mach 5, my other mate had a '09 Reign 0 and I was on the black Heckler with red rims.

Was a great day for a ride that's for sure.

Andy Bloot's picture

I've met you briefly I think Ben on a Nerf Herder Appin ride
But I was up the back gasping for air at the time

I remember seeing a Pivot on Saturday, but didn't notice anything else
Whenever i see a Pivot these days the blinkers seem to go on
Kind of like Homer Simpson around food

Missed you at the Careflight as well
Hopefully catch up for a ride soon

Was indeed a great days riding on a great track - my first time
Loved it

cRAZY Canuck's picture

I've got a soft spot for SC bikes - though I didn't see the red rims, just the frame.

Were (the Canadians) always puttering around now need to get the legs up to scratch for the Angry Doctor- think we're going to go to Awaba or Orimba this weekend, haven't figured out when though.

BT's picture

Andy - Yeah, I think I did meet you at Appin that time. So that was your first time at Yellowmundee? Pretty good trail huh!

Did you guys go up the trail on the hill directly to the South/West of the carpark? Pretty good runs down from there...

Andy Bloot's picture

I was there most of the day and I've got no sense of direction
I just kept following trails or other riders until I came to the car park
Definitely up for some more exploring

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