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Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust Video Competition

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Just got this in

The BNSW Environmental Trust Video Competition invites budding film makers from across Australia to create a 5 minute video to promote bike riding as a sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly form of transport and recreation.

There are lots of ways to get started, for example, you can use a helmet cam and filming your trip to work or school, or you can do a full production, it is up to you and remember your film does not have to have a dialogue.

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Suggestions?: Chatswood planning a mini bicycle film festival (from Bike North) [bn_willoughby]

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Willoughby Council is planning a mini bicycle festival (two films and some shorts) for Bike Week this year (Sept). They are currently investigating venues and day of the week. They obviously want it to be a success and are asking for input to their planning so that it will be successful.

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