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Suggestions?: Chatswood planning a mini bicycle film festival (from Bike North) [bn_willoughby]

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By Hans - Posted on 09 May 2008


Willoughby Council is planning a mini bicycle festival (two films and some shorts) for Bike Week this year (Sept). They are currently investigating venues and day of the week. They obviously want it to be a success and are asking for input to their planning so that it will be successful.

One venue they are considering is the Zenith Theatre in Chatswood - its expensive but if they can fill it (250 capacity) they would be happy to go that way. There has also been a suggestion for an outdoor or creative more 'underground' venue. Any opinions - would you and your friends / family come see some bike films in Willoughby in bike week and would you prefer the theatre or a more alternative location.

Other question is on timing. Initial planning is for a Sunday afternoon / evening but they are reconsidering a Thursday or Friday night. I personally would prefer the weekday night as there are so many activities in Bike Week especially on the weekends. Any thoughts on this too.



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Hi Carolyn,

I am still in the process of planning the bike film festival for Bike Week. I have been investigating alternative venues for the event and am hoping that you can give me your opinion on a couple of things? Our venue options at the moment are the (quite expensive) Zenith Theatre or Council Chambers (Hoyts doesn’t have DVD facilities). I think the Zenith would be better but there are concerns on this end that if we don’t get the numbers it will look like a flop due to a very empty theatre( 250 capacity). Elaena from Bike Sydney has also suggested an outdoor or creative more “underground” venue but I’m not sure what the cycling clientele is like around here – that may work better for the city crowd?

The other question is timing – we had planned on Sunday afternoon/evening but I’m not sure that would even appeal to me. We’re looking at an adult market. Do you think a Thursday or Friday night would work?

As you know this area and the bike crowd I thought I would ask you for your thoughts? What’s your recommendation on venue, time and what size crowd do you think we would be able to get?

Any thoughts much appreciated – I’m determined not to let this one flop!

Alison Jones

Sustainability Projects Officer - Transport

Willoughby City Council

Ph. (02) 9777 7706

Fax.(02) 9411 8309

PO Box 57 Chatswood NSW 2057

31 Victor Street, Chatswood NSW 2067

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Would be for the Thursday/Friday option too.

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is not a bad option - lots of premiers of skate dvd's and stuff held there, so can't be too pricey - and fairly central. Definitely got DVD facilities.

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Is it still an operating theater I thought it was or is being redeveloped.

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I'm not sure, its been a while since I have been there.

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I am fairly sure its closed a sad day.
It will be turned into offices, apartments and coffe shops exactly what we need more of. I have seen some great movies there over the last 20 years or so. And the poster was great to have on the wall.

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I guess a less underground venue will do more to promote cycling, and being willoughby council I imagine they want somewhere closer to willoughby. There should be several open air options in Chatswood...Maybe chatswood oval or a nearby park? In the middle of everything, on the train line, bike parking on the grass so you can keep a watchfull eye, Big screen, picnic blanky, Bike companies pouring the wine...

lots of free stuf too!

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