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Dirtworks photos

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By Gary - Posted on 07 May 2008

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I was hanging out for these photos!

Saw the camera on the 2nd to last water bar on the big downhill.....

So deliberately went for some big air! and the dufas took the picture when I'm still on the ground!!


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I tried to do the same and they have given me a shot of someone else.
They are not even wearing a NOBMOB jersey.Sad

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Apparently we are easily confused Laughing out loud

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I didn't even stay in the church.
But nice to meet you Alice.Eye-wink

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Everyone post their numbers so I can see your pics! Smiling

Are there any samples? I want to see what the purchased product is like.


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Nice photos, my number is 673 if you want to see them.

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There's even a couple of me "hammering" the single speed - those are the ones with me looking pretty dejected.

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1247 is my number


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was my number, wish I could always get that one.

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is a good one...

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A couple of reasonable ones there - even got some air for 2 of the photos.

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We have some great photos - and someone said there is a race video on eBay as well - nice work guys.

Keep it coming!

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