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Dirty Scummers

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Scumming is dangerous... mmmmkay.

Case in point... the final kilometres of a stage of the tour of turkey. One dirty b@start grabs the yellow jersey and shoves him off his bike (this clip is available in HQ direct on YT):

From: where there's a couple of stills and more commentary.

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Paris-Roubaix tonight @ 10:10 on SBS

For those that don't know, the Paris-Roubaix is probably the most acceptable Scum race for MTB riders to watch. 259Km 'road' race. According to the official site, including 52.9Km of cobblestones this year.

Yes, scummers, on scum bikes, riding cobblestones. Interesting Laughing out loud

Check it out if you can't sleep Eye-wink

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Wrong bike

Ahh look who brought the wrong bike to the training ride. Loz also seems to like those skinny tyres Smiling

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Shaving Shaun

Wrong, wrong... wrongity wrong!

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Chivalrous Scummer

Yes, very chivalrous... one rider pictured here helping out a buddy who'd crashed:

Full story here:

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