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Dirty Scummers

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By Rob - Posted on 25 April 2009

Scumming is dangerous... mmmmkay.

Case in point... the final kilometres of a stage of the tour of turkey. One dirty b@start grabs the yellow jersey and shoves him off his bike (this clip is available in HQ direct on YT):

From: where there's a couple of stills and more commentary.

the action starts about the 3:30 mark. Be sure to watch the bottom left of the screen as the announcer starts to yell about the move as he sees it developing. There's a bonus pile up in the finish as well.


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Absolutely despicable

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It looks atrocious viewed at realtime speed, but when you go over it multiple times in slo-mo you see that Bos has been jostled from the side and is being pushed into the fence panels, which look like they've been lined up by blind monkeys who've been out for a night on the turps. The first contact, he's trying to push him away, but what comes after is hard to analyse. I can't be completely sure but it looks like he's skimming along millimetres away from the fence panels. Maybe there was a thought, "If you're gonna take me out then you can !@#$! come with me!" but it's impossible to be sure. So I have go give the benefit of the doubt on intent to Bos. He still deserves a long suspension, though. Taking hands off bars in the sprint is a serious no-no apparently, and the injuries to Impey are pretty serious. Bos got off with nothing.

McEwen's twitter blog states he doesn't believe it was deliberate, and that he had to view the incident in slow-mo 30 times

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I think he was getting pushed into the barriers and just instinct is to grab something to prevent yourself from falling into something (ie the fence). Grabbed him as he himself hit the fence...

In any case I have no desire to scum in events like that... EVERYONE was falling over!

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It's because they all had a night out with you Loz...

While that footage does look bad for Bos, as other have said, he does seem to be getting squeezed into the barriers.
Reminds me of the 2008 World Marathon Champs:

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