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Stolen Front Wheel

Riding Manly Dam this morning (11 April 11) and left my front Bontrager wheel behind. Back 25 mins later and gone. If anyone has any information please comment below.


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Snake encounters of the Appin kind

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Buck and I were riding in Appin on Sunday. I was heading up this section of fast switchback singletrack and I've come across a snake on the trail! Not sure what it was (black/grey, 1m long, 5cm diamter) but I pretty much spooked it and it shot off to the left. I was pinning it at the time and took a while to haul up after I spooked it, and it spooked me. I screamed out to Buck SNAKE!! who also pulled up a safe distance behind me with no issue.

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Wheel rebuild - any experience and opinion?


I was told at the LBS that if I wanted to do something good for my bike, I should get the wheels rebuild.
My first thought was that I had spent a small fortune on the bike - why should I rebuild the wheels, are they no good?

1- I would like to know what are the reasons? Are the factory wheels so much worse than hand build wheels?

2- If you had your wheels rebuild, did you do that yourself or with which bike shop did you have a good experience? And how much should it cost?

I have DT Swiss 420SL (Specialized Customs).


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Bent rim

My rear rim after the Highland Fling. Cant recall hitting anything that big.

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Beijing Closing Ceremony - One Wheeled Sit In Bikes?

Anyone see them? How'd they work? They'd be great for mountain biking, roll up and over anything - I think, have I got the physics right?

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