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hot but happy

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i hate typing so i'll keep this short.
what can i say but HOT,HOT,HOT!!!
the air was so thick and hot at times it felt like someone was holding a massive hairdryer on full heat in front of you, my mouth was drying up with every breath i took, absolutely incredible!
had a great start to the race, i went first, about two rows back from Gordo. i was thinking "am i too far forward?" but off we went and i sprinted up the road and got a fantastic position into the singletrack, i never really lost any spots on the first lap staying in about the top 30 spots( at least i think?)

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and again (George)

one more

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more again (George)

and another

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more pics of epic (George)

more pics

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images of gazza's epic for sale (George)

just some pics of the epic i have up for sale for 1600 bucks. contact me or look in classifieds for details.

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Fling '09 Gazza & Martine

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Tyre troubles @ CORC 24 Hour 2009

Fixing Whisperer's tyre that got slashed on the lap.

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