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Rainy Days/ Free Spin classes!

Any of you guys getting sick of the rain and need to get a hit out before the Highland Fling next week should check out the new Spin studio above KOM2 in Crows Nest.
Free classes for this weekend only.
1hr Classes tomorrow are at 9am sharp and 4pm.
Martine and i went for a class this morning and it was perfect training for a rainy day so if you're all fired up for the Fling and feeling the cabin fever on this wet weekend get yourself along and see Joel at Totally CYC'D at the back of KOM2 bike shop, 507 Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest. Entrance in Clarke lane.

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What Steve Peat does on the off season!

Was just looking at a friends photo's from the weekend on facebook.
He'd been to watch 'The Scott Trial'. Without doubt the hardest one day motorbike trial on the planet which is held every year in my local area of Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales.
i couldn't believe when i saw the Steve Peat was in it! Go on my son!!!!!!!!!!

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24 Hour Gazza

World number 15? Well done mate, but how about top 10 next year? Sticking out tongue

Given the look on the face, one shudders to think what Martine is doing back there! Eye-wink

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Entries for 24 solo world champs

i've been trying to enter for the solo 24hr world champs and have not been recognised by their system.
i sent an email to tell them that i'd qualified etc and recieved some babble that i'd maybe missed the cutoff date!!!!!!!!
didn't know there was one?
can anyone confirm this? i'm not a member of farkin(rotorburn) so cant go on there to ask.
i'm SH,T,NG myself thinking i might have missed out!

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ayup vs magicshine?

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i already have custom lights which i'm very happy with and have a custom helmet mount and just like to keep them on my helmet. I use my first generation ayup lights for road riding but find they're not quite bright enough when going at speed along dark roads. I've been looking at getting some magicshine's for my bars but seeing as i've got 5 ayup batteries and bar mounts on all my bikes plus head straps for camping i was toying with the idea of just upgrading the ayup itself to the current model. Anyone got any info on how much brighter the new models are compared to the old ones?

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Gazza the Red

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MTB motard racing

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I was fortunate enough to catch wind of a 'test' race being held tonight at St Ives, around H.A.R.T.
Turramurra Cyclery used to hold a Wednesday night crit race round there before the powers that be made them shut it down as it wasn't a sanctioned event!
The clever way around this is to hop on a mountain bike and do half off road and half on road racing(motard)
About 20 people turned up tonight for the 'test' run so we could all get a feel for how it would be and give feedback at the end.
Well! what can i say apart from BLOODY AWESOME!

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sweat, flies and beers!

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after drinking rather a lot of beer on saturday i didn't know how i'd cope doing a xc race on sunday morning but i turned up anyway just to have a crack at it and if anything, it would be a good training ride.

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