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Dropoff Training + Cascades

Sunday, 7 December, 2008 - 08:30
Meeting Point: 

Hews Reserve, Belrose


OK so Sunday seems to be the preferred day.

We will spend a bit of time at the park having a muck around off the rock. We can then pedal up to Cascades and do the Technical DH single track and then ride back up Heath Track. I will be walking back up as I will take the big bike!

I'll probably take my camera and try and get some pics of drops, crashes etc Smiling

After the ride we can get a bite to eat at the bistro up the road.

Although it is grass I'd recommend you bring some pads if you are not confident on this kind of thing.

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Lozza drop near golf course

Lozza on the dropoff on the way down to the golf course

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Buck drop near golf course

Myself on the drop on the way down to the golf course.

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