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Dropoff Training + Cascades

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By Buck - Posted on 26 November 2008

Sunday, 7 December, 2008 - 08:30
4 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Meeting Point: 

Hews Reserve, Belrose


OK so Sunday seems to be the preferred day.

We will spend a bit of time at the park having a muck around off the rock. We can then pedal up to Cascades and do the Technical DH single track and then ride back up Heath Track. I will be walking back up as I will take the big bike!

I'll probably take my camera and try and get some pics of drops, crashes etc Smiling

After the ride we can get a bite to eat at the bistro up the road.

Although it is grass I'd recommend you bring some pads if you are not confident on this kind of thing.

Who's in?
pikey, Peter R, Bernd, Buck, Daz, Carlgroover, Gary, linco, Slowpup, Mr Lights, jdb (11 riders)
pikey Peter R Bernd Buck Daz Carlgroover Gary linco Slowpup Mr Lights jdb
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But I'm going to Homebake on Saturday
So I'm not sure what condition I'll find myself in the next day

Is hews reserve where the jump or whatever is - no riding to the actual practice spot
Then it gives me the option to be a little late
And just leave when I have hit the ground enough

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....for anybody out there that wants to rise to the next level.

You start off with gutter height launch off's, landing on a very soft downward sloping grass hill advancing as high as you feel comfortable (4 foot).

Note: this is not an organised event, its just a group of like minded people following Buck I and others to this park to practice our skills.

Having said that, we then head off into the cascades to implement our newly refind skills.


Salad is what food eats Smiling

Paul's picture

Pikey, I'm remaining non-commital waiting to see how I feel on Sunday morning.

Andy Bloot's picture

If I'm going, I'll be on time

Jee10's picture

If you are going to Homebake you're brain, body and belly will be baked! Party like a rockstar, Drink to get drunk or go hard or go home!

Buck's picture

Listen to the wise words of Master Pikey. He'll have you jumping like him in no time Smiling
Good line

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Yes the dropoffs are actually at the park itself so you don't have to be there right on time.

I'd imagine we would be at the reserve for a good hour or so before we go to Cascades.

ar_junkie's picture

The Jekyll... I'll confirm on Friday/Saturday.

Harry's picture

May be there as well for some learning.

linco's picture

This sounds like a great ride. I'll see if I can clear the calendar.

Eyeball's picture

Will try to get there following a Saturday night 40th in Cronulla. Don't wait. If I'm not up to it the young bloke (Tom 15yr old) may go along any way! It would be great for both Deb and I to learn some skills.
Cheers guys.

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I'm in boys, now do they training wheels for dropoffs?
Downhilling is all new to me, Oxford falls last Wednesday night certainly had my heart pumping & amazed how some of you just launch off a metre drop without blinking (very cool).
I'd really like to head up to Ourimbah forest again, so I may only stay for the jump training session if that's OK. Plus I'm supporting some sore ribs thanks to Oxford Falls, a little pebble got in my way & flew over my handlebars on three seperate occasions in the space of 5mins.
So feel free to give me tips.

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That's the right attitude Sam.

There are drops for all levels at this park. The smaller ones are easily rollable so even if you don't quite get it right nothing will go drastically wrong.

I'm sure we'll all learn something on this day

Riz's picture

Sorry guys, I don't work today & my ribs have bothered me all day, in fact the sorest they have ever been since Wednesdy night, so jumping may not be a good idea.

Have fun!

ar_junkie's picture

Have fun guys...

Carlgroover's picture

It's raining here so I'm wondering if the ride is still on?

Slowpup's picture

Carl, it stopped raining here about quarter past five, so I'll still be going up as long as it does not start again.

Buck's picture

I'm still going
Rain hasn't even registered at Terrey Hills so it must be light

Buck's picture

Thank you all for coming. I hope you all got something out of it.

I had my usual crashes but bike and me are all in one piece still. I'll put some photos up soon hopefully.

Lozza and I went back and did it all again after lunch actually. Lots of fun

Oh Dylan. I also managed to stay on my bike for once on the Cascades DH. Big suspension helps Smiling

Rob's picture

LOL... you should ride that everywhere Buck Eye-wink

LadyToast's picture

You guys owned that section!!

lozza6's picture

Thanks, but I totally stacked soon after there in the same spot as last time.. grrrr

even more sore and tired I then stacked again onto my back again.. .ouchy

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