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Sunday ride

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Old Man's Valley Ride - This Sunday!

Hi All,
Ive probably posted this in the wrong area. But now that I have I may as well keep going.

Im going to be out on the Old Man's Valley tomorrow, sunday 29th September

I'll probably be there at around 9:30AM.

PLAN: A SHORT RIDE FOR ABOUT 2 - 2.5 HOURS. (Have to get back to pick up the Mrs from her beginners MTB clinic at Jubes)

Never ridden the track before so would be great to meet up with someone who has.

I've ridden for many years, although haven't been on the saddle for about 4 months, so itching to get back.

Hopefully see some of you there : )


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Menai (Lucas Heights)

Anyone up for a ride of Lucas Heights this coming Sunday?

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