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Aka... bike fuel. Goes great on top of curry and a couple of beers the night before Eye-wink

Followed with a banana of course. Oh well... off to ride more sweet single track. Laters! Laughing out loud

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Bike Fuel

Why waste time with a roll when bread just takes up space that could be filled with bacon or eggs? Eye-wink

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Australia's best bacon and egg roll

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After a Manly Dam lap today, I was on my way home to Cremorne when the hunger pangs set in and I realised that my stomach must be immediately satisfied. I am normally partial to a bacon and egg roll after a ride, as this contains the perfect mix of muscle building protein and a greasy, salty taste that can't be beat. Plus a V is good too. Laughing out loud

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Mont Breakie

Best breakfast ever! Sticking out tongue

Best Mountain Bike