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Australia's best bacon and egg roll

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 11 February 2010

After a Manly Dam lap today, I was on my way home to Cremorne when the hunger pangs set in and I realised that my stomach must be immediately satisfied. I am normally partial to a bacon and egg roll after a ride, as this contains the perfect mix of muscle building protein and a greasy, salty taste that can't be beat. Plus a V is good too. Laughing out loud

I later set down at Louis' in Cammeray for said bacon and egg roll, which I found immensely satisfying. It was exactly the way I like it. Plenty of bacon, not overcooked or crispy. Egg was done medium, just right. No sauce (eggs are self-saucing, don't you know!). The roll, the make or break part for me, was a soft, white flat roll that made it easy to fit in your mouth while still filling you up. With a splash of pepper, it is the perfect post-ride meal.

I now have the objective of finding other great bacon and egg rolls from shops around Sydney. So far the best I have found are the corner fish and chip shop at Terrey Hills who use a nice soft hamburger bun which goes well with an Oak vanilla malt. Plus Goody's which is up the road from BA (who put extra bacon on, nice!).

Does anyone else have a favourite? It would be good to know, as I get around and may need to use the facilities on my next bike ride. Smiling

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One of the best bacon and egg rolls I ever had was from a little cafe in Orchard Ave Brookvale. Half way between Pittwater rd and the round about.

It had loads of bacon, egg and he managed to incorporate a hash brown into it. Brilliant.

And it's on the way home from the Dam.

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B.E.R is from Bellagio in Charing Cross.

Coupled with one of their excellent coffees (and the opportunity to gaze upon the yummy mummies calling in from having dropped young Cinzano and Belvedere in to Nippers), its a superb opportunity for self indulgent decadence.

Granted you'll have to do a few laps of Centennial Park to justify it and put up with the vast herds of scummers who tend to congragate outside, but in my eyes (and stomach) its XTR. Anything else is Deore

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All this talk of bacon and eggs was making me hungry, so had to stop by the coffee shop here...

Bike Fuel

As I commented, though: Why waste time with a roll when bread just takes up space that could be filled with bacon or eggs? Eye-wink

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They do awesome B&E rolls. Particularly convenient to me also seeing as they're next door. Smiling

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And it will clog your arteries and you will die.
Having said that however, back in my weightlifting days i used to eat 2 dozen boiled eggs everyday. True story.

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you could have had some WPI.

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I had finished my ride at Terrey Hills today, a long ride around Duckholes, Chiltern, Centre, Perimeter and Long trails. I got back to my car and I was starving. The bacon and egg roll from the corner fish and chip shop was a disaster. A kind of stale, long flat white roll. The egg didn't fit on such a long roll very well. Egg yolk was broken and a touch overcooked. Quite disappointing, as one is really looking forward to this meal over the last hour of the ride. Better luck next time. :|

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work? wtf is it with riding on weekdays? I/most of us..... can only dream!! and then u get the B&E roll thing happening, too!!!
all I can say is u r a barstardoooooooooooooooo......

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Relish - North Avalon

Toasted Turkish - Stacks of Bacon - 2 Eggs (Runny) Sauce if you want.

Best at this end of town !!

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Ride red Hill for hours and hours... Then roll down the hill through the front door to one of Blondie's amazing bacon sandwiches/rolls that if I want, come with a perfectly cooked fresh egg. When I say fresh I mean freshly laid by one of our chooks in the chicken coup out the back Eye-wink

yes, I know quite a few of you on here would be jealous!

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Vote for Blondie's Super Bacon Lozza Reviver Sandwich... Smiling

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Been trying to help the lady with the shop at Westleigh for some years now to lift her game as she is my closest provider of the B&E. Whilst I've order "Bacon & Egg Toasted Sandwich, no sauce, no butter" many times, she can't get it right (hard egg). She is the nicest lady, and I keep going back, but geez can somebody go there and show there how to cook?

The bloke on Fox Valley Road near the SAN is much better, but he is further.

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Ahhh, my bacon and egg roll blog is back.
I just moved to Epping, and I partook in some of the local bacon and egg roll action to see what it was like. After checking out the north/west end of Lane Cove National Park on Saturday, I went to Golden Chicken takeaway. Nice and greasy. Their bacon and egg roll was large with a generous helping of bacon as well. Medium cooked, just the way I like it, without sauce. Nice! Washed down with an energy drink it was the perfect post ride appetite killer. Eye-wink

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No need to go scumming for Bellagio. Charing Cross is the start and end point of Sydney Urban Downhill!

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with sweet chilly sauce entree.. at the Thai Restaurant furthest north on Beecroft Rd. The narrow old shop just before the big new monstrosity on the corner.

and, whilst its a drive, I'll bet the guys at the Oak Street Shops at Pennant Hills can do a good B&E. Next door to the bottle shop. They do a great hamburger.[email protected],151.040842...

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