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Mont24 2014, team of 6 need rider

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Due to one of our guys being all grown up and responsible and putting his career ahead of fun times, we are 1 short of a full team of 6.

To qualify for selection you must* be:

A) quicker than me, and
B) willing to be at transition ready to go when the incoming rider comes in, and
C) have lights, and
D) be up for pancakes and bacon any time of day or night, and
E) up for a good weekend.

At the moment we're in masters but happy to change to whatever. We're not gender biased so more than happy to go mixed, too, if you're that way gendered.

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Aka... bike fuel. Goes great on top of curry and a couple of beers the night before Eye-wink

Followed with a banana of course. Oh well... off to ride more sweet single track. Laters! Laughing out loud

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Relaxing on a Sunday

It was rather nice to be able to get up and relax this morning. Breakie (naturally of bacon, beans & eggs) while watching Le Tour from last night.

Then a nice sneaky ride at the Dam just after midday that didn't even require leg warmers showed signs of spring on the horizon.

What a perfect day weekend Smiling

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Bike Fuel

Why waste time with a roll when bread just takes up space that could be filled with bacon or eggs? Eye-wink

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Australia's best bacon and egg roll

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After a Manly Dam lap today, I was on my way home to Cremorne when the hunger pangs set in and I realised that my stomach must be immediately satisfied. I am normally partial to a bacon and egg roll after a ride, as this contains the perfect mix of muscle building protein and a greasy, salty taste that can't be beat. Plus a V is good too. Laughing out loud

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NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Bike fuel!


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Mont Breakie

Best breakfast ever! Sticking out tongue

Best Mountain Bike