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By Rob - Posted on 18 January 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Bike fuel!


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I'm feeling sick just looking at that! Barf!

Slowpup's picture

really does do a good bacon sarni!

flubberghusted's picture

Thats some good shit...

Scottboy's picture

I like sauce with mine , hope that is fore more than 20 people you die after eating it b4 puking it up

Lach's picture

I believe this is from the Bundanoon Rebels' new training manual for this year's Fling bacon and egg rolls....... The price might go up a bit, but how could you not do 110 km's on that sort of fuel???

daves's picture

... Isn't that lettuce at the bottom left?

Fankles's picture

A few of these Babies and I might catch that wazza character at last...

That's like pure power on a roll!

One could even lube the chain with the grease from that guy!

Colt's picture


Thank you for the early morning chuckle Rob. Nothing like getting up, checking the site, and seeing that!

BT's picture

I'd eat that, but it'd need a dozen fried eggs on it first. Smiling

philberesford's picture

In a bucket, with an egg on top?

hawkeye's picture

I can guess what that's for... Barf!

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