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Rider down on the Oaks single track

A rider went down after an overtaking mishap yesterday afternoon on the oaks single track. Unfortunately it looks like collar bone and rib fractures (ending his mont training campaign). Ambos were called and they did a great job getting to the sight in about 15 mins.
If anyone knows this fella, please PM me,

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Red Hill accident?

It's 10.10 and a chopper has just landed on the rocks at Red Hill near the sports academy.

If you know anyone riding up here, you might want to call and check on them.

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When your riding buddy goes ass over ...

After a bad fall over the weekend at Red Hill, it makes me wonder how people react and it seems most mates would just stand around and watch...
I suppose there's nothing much you can do but personally I drop my rig and rush to their aid, when I see others just hang back and watch.

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More laws? Yes Please

I saw the link on Twitter about some new laws about to go though in Texas "The Safe Passing Bill" if we could only get something similar here.

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