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Rider down on the Oaks single track

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By Black Flash - Posted on 16 March 2015

A rider went down after an overtaking mishap yesterday afternoon on the oaks single track. Unfortunately it looks like collar bone and rib fractures (ending his mont training campaign). Ambos were called and they did a great job getting to the sight in about 15 mins.
If anyone knows this fella, please PM me,

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His name wouldn't be Heath by any chance? Eye-wink

On a more serious note, I hope his recovery is quick and uncomplicated.

I usually take it pretty gently through there as I tend to be pretty fatigued by the time i get there after the up-and-back

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My Epic ride was incident free!!
His name was Anton. Very unfortunate accident too, he called to come past a novice rider. The rider infront moved over only to move back halfway through the overtake. The overtaking rider went otb landing on his head and shoulder and to add insult to injury the other rider landed on top of him - splat! I found out about it when the novice rider approached our group mentioning a rider down with injuries back up the trail. And as I carry 2 first aid kits I thought I might see if I could do anything to help. (repaying some karma IOUs)

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