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Linking Linden Ridge to Faulko Point

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By trickydavo - Posted on 20 June 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I am wondering if anyone in the mountains has ridden from the walking track at the end of Linden ridge which according to openbikemap / openstreedmap appears to link into the fire trail that is just before faulko point? I am not talking about the overgrown single track half way along linden ridge but the track off the very end. '

Edited to add a map... I am wondering about the hiking track with the big circle. I dont see any GPS tracks on Openstreetmap etc that show people traversing it. I think i am just going to go an see what i can find..

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...from the Faulco end and while I missed the single / walking track that is the likely passage through the gorge, what is down there is anything but ride-able. (I got to approx 25 meters to the creek - that was 25m down and 25 m forward at best (i.e. 45 degree slope). I think it's hikable at its best - depending on weather conditions.)
the area down there makes for nice hikes though.

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Edited my post to show the map of the track i am talking about

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we're on the same page

try in Google earth, the side track from Faulco end is clearly visible a few hundred meters down from the helipad

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Couple mates came through from the Faulco end a few months back. Comment was that a link trail could be build but it's mostly hike a bike at the moment.

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I have done the link a few of times - on foot and carried my bike. It does not really go in either direction on a bike and I tend to like my trails on the technical side. Come to think of it, not all that special a walk either as it is all on fire trails.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will most likely still give the trail a go. I like the idea of linking trails and spending time exploring new tracks. Will post up my results for those interested.

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... on OSM, there's a definite track indicated - never noticed before:

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I drew the Linden Ridge firetrail back in 2010 after riding it one afternoon, user Roaming-Oz added the single track and the firetrail to Grose road last year.

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Looks like 150m elevation hike-a-bike descent and then another 150m hike-a-bike climb. Does not look fun.

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unless you enjoy lifting your bike over and onto 2m tall boulders etc

then again, the path I took was simply not passable - I had to turn back 20m from the creek as mentioned earlier - I may have a go without bike again and try to find the one shown on OSM

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As far as I know the RFS rake it back in every now and then but it's just the shortest possible line from A to B like all RFS control lines, straight down the hill. Avoid at all costs would be my trail review, admittedly from long, long time ago though.

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it's a goat track in the middle and we do it mountain goat style carrying hand tools. No way you could ride thru and hike-a-bike not very practical either

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