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Oaks single track (incl. realignment) - Feedback and Maintenance

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By cartman - Posted on 28 January 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Following the opening of the single track realignment in Q2 last year there was a big push to get some feedback presented to the powers that be. I'm wondering if anyone is in the know about whether or not anything has come of this feedback and if we are likely to see any more work in the park in the foreseeable future? It’s been such a great addition, would be a shame if the work is not continued.

Also as a regular rider along the Oaks, I've noticed the single track has become increasingly overgrown this summer, with plenty of sticks and branches more prevalent than ever, particularly at eye/face level making for a dangerous, if not uncomfortable, ride. Does anyone know if there are any plans for the overgrowth to be trimmed back at all? I’d happily give up a days’ riding to assist with any such effort but who organises it? How do these things get done & approved to go ahead?

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Chopstir and Chuck know most about this stuff with NPWS. I don't think its too hard to organise this type of thing with NPWS. However trimming is always best to do at the end of the summer season and end of the rains so that you aren't just trimming again in 2 months.

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I rode up to the middle gate on Monday for the first time in a while, and yes, the old single track really does need a trim back. I have it on my list to call the local ranger and book in a day. Will post something up as soon as we have it organised. Plus I'll ask about some minor maintenance on the new section.

ChopStiR had some statistics, maybe he can get an update and post them with any feedback.

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Thanks for the replies lads - looking forward to any further info as it comes to hand.

I sent some detailed feedback about the realignment and proposed future works back in June, while I have my own thoughts I'm particularly keen to see what other thoughts were out there - and more importantly, if any of them are being considered for construction any time soon.

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On the grand scheme I know it helped make a difference. Royal National Park are now looking at upgrading their mountain bike network to around 30km of official singletrack. Some of it will be a rationalisation of unofficial trails.

As for Glenbrook/Blue Mountains. I haven't heard anything since August last year. I will chase them up and see If I can get any information.

This is the last bit of information I received.

A little bit later than expected but here are some numbers for the recent use of the Woodford-Oaks Mountain bike Trail following the recent upgrade.

Total rides = 5307 over 79 days from 17 May to 3 August 2014. We know anecdotally that many riders use the trail multiple times, so this is the amount of traffic, not the number of riders.
This is an average of 67 rides per day.

The pattern shows low use during the week and high use on weekends, which again is something that local riders were telling us prior to the works.

Peak day was Sunday 25 May when the trail was used 325 times. From 11-Midday, the track was used 71 times which is more than 1 bike per minute.

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NPWS and a number of land managers are installing counters on many of the more popular tracks now and initial info has surprised them e.g. Warringah Council put out a press release in December saying Manly Dam is seeing ~1000/week !!
Can't wait to see some numbers for Serrata/Gahnia.
All of this is helping to confirm what riders have known and been saying for a long time i.e. that this sport has massive and growing popularity and there's a real need for more sanctioned trails to meet this demand..

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