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New Vapour Trail at Stromlo

Has anyone ridden the new Vapour Trail at Stromlo, can you describe what its like, do you have a video?

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Stromlo and Majura vid

A bunch of us hit Canberra for the weekend to ride Stromlo and Majura for the first time. So much sniggle goodness...evidence below

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My First 24 hour event

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Slowly getting the race notches in my belt. Apart from a casual spin at the yellowmundee grand prix, this was not only my first 24 hour event, but also my first experience at a lap style team race. I have to say its a completely different style of riding/racing and its one I'm not so familiar with. I'm used to the endurance races where you lock into a sustainable rythm and just spin to your hearts content. This however I found much much harder than any other event I've done before. With the lap mentality you really do not allow yourself to let up at any point.

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Scott / CORC 24 hour results

Interim results are available on Farkin in PDF format

Category Summary Results:

Results with individual lap times:

Fastest Lap Times:

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Family ride at Sparrow Hill, Canberra (pre-race)

Family ride at Sparrow Hill...before the Stromlo DH World Cup

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Nathan Rennie meets a young NoBMobber...

Max meets local hero Nathan Rennie after the DH race. His brothers Angelo and Benjamin are "star struck" they are staying in the background...

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Steve Peat meets some young NoBMobbers

Max and Angelo meet Steve Peat after the DH race.

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Stromlo roundup

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Stromlo - Whisperer after 8 hrs

Great weekend, challenging course, as always great to have friendly banter, and great results by everyone.

I had a good race, pacing myself well to my objectives, getting to the end in ‘good’ shape and avoiding cramps.

Kept my heart rate below 80% most of the time, averaged 75% (143) over the 8 hours, didn’t cramp and had enough fuel in the legs for another lap. But.... the short travel bikes really meant hard work on the downhill track descent, and the rest of the time it was either pretty technical or open and gravelly, meaning pretty loose. As Steve01 commented, good practice for drifting & sliding around!

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