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Training to live with pain

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Have you ever noticed that since taking up riding, when you stub your toe, or bang your elbow... it really doesn't hurt as much as it used to? Are you so used to rocks smashing into your shins, skin being ripped off your arms and the burning in your legs that anything else seems passé?

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Ginger - new recovery aid?

For those who suffer on the Tuesday after big events, ginger may be worth a try in the week before.
They don't say what negative effects it has on performance.
Perhaps the mob could put together a research paper - 'Alcoholic ginger beer, effects on levels of performance and day after recovery' - call for volunteers!

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Pain in the Arch

Yes... that's A-R-C-H Eye-wink

For the last couple of days I've had a pain in the arch of my right foot. I'm not sure, but think my right foot is also swollen - that shoe certainly felt tighter when I put it on yesterday.

What's the go? Has anyone heard of this kind of pain being caused by riding? I haven't been doing much else Eye-wink

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not bike riding

took an unavoidable week off from snapping piccies and riding the bike
as the Bathurst Jog is only on once a year
and it's my bro's birthday month

so my recently active bike muscles went for an 8km 1hour stroll
and they damn well hurt like the billio still on Tues morning.
stupid jogging muscles
argh, not coping, need something, hnnnm rumm, stress pills, sleep, recovery time, a ride down Andersons

we'll start with rum and work our way up. Eye-wink

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Gazza's Crash - Bendy Arm

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