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Clean up Australia Day - Single track on Mona Vale Rd

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Clean-up Australia is just around the corner – Sunday 6th March and as part of “Clean-up” the mountain biking community is doing its bit by fixing up our tracks.

The section of track between the Kuringai Community Nursery and Showgrounds is looking like a tip at the moment and would really benefit from a little love - cleaning up the litter and making it a lot more pleasant to ride.

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Junk left on tracks...

Hi Guys

I get that things fall off bikes, and sometimes it's not until you get to the end of the track (or home) that you realise you've dropped something. However, I was pretty disappointed when riding Gahnia track the other day I saw that someone had replaced their inner tube and just chucked the old one into the bushes. I stopped to recover it, which was annoying on many levels...
Whoever did that, if you took an extra tube in, you can take the old one out too.
Let's keep the tracks clean.


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Clean-up Australia Day 4th March - Oxford Falls

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We love our tracks and work hard to keep them great.

On the March the 4th, help us doing a little garbage cleaning on the Oxy downhill tracks and the road (Morgan Rd) back up.

If you can make it on Sunday the 4th it would be great, but if not, perhaps you can help by taking a little of the litter home with you when you ride the area.

See more details at:

(sign-up at)

Meet: Carpark on Morgan Rd, at turn off to model airfield

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