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Junk left on tracks...

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By Errol - Posted on 17 January 2016

Hi Guys

I get that things fall off bikes, and sometimes it's not until you get to the end of the track (or home) that you realise you've dropped something. However, I was pretty disappointed when riding Gahnia track the other day I saw that someone had replaced their inner tube and just chucked the old one into the bushes. I stopped to recover it, which was annoying on many levels...
Whoever did that, if you took an extra tube in, you can take the old one out too.
Let's keep the tracks clean.


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Leave only tyre prints.

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Thanks for making the time to stop and pick it up.

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Old tubes can be useful, too:
The Thredbo-Crackenback shuttle trailer uses them to tie bikes down quickly, hooking them over the seat nose. I'd post a piccy but it seems rather fiddly...

Anybody else seen creative uses for old tubes?

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I use one as my chainstay protector.

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Could be used to make a Man-kini. That would be another to add to my collection Smiling

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Use tubes as the elastic around your legs as you do that exercise in the gym.

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Ah, but which size? 26" or 27.5" or 29"

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I cut them about the valve and use them as garden ties to train trees. They are nice and thick and a flexible so don't cut into the branches. Also cut sections and use them as an extra frame protection when clamping into bike rack.

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Does no one repair tubes anymore? And if not why not? Whilst I m tubeless on my mtb I do patch tubes on my road bike.

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Time, cost and reliability for me. When a decent road tube costs $6 it is hard to offset the time it takes to patch and the sometimes hit and miss reliability of patches

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MarkkyMarkk, I've generally seen road bike tubes be used for that, but haven't experimented with them personally.

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