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Red Hill DH

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Thank you.....

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My brother and I used to ride a series of trails north of Red Hill. A big climb up from the Parkway, miles and miles of tight winding single-trail, finishing off with my favourite descent of technical downhill that really tests you. It’s here I’ve had the most “oh-shit” moments and broken bones, and everywhere else I ride ends up being compared (usually unfavourably) with this loop.
We did this ride for the first time in quite a while about a month ago and found all the ramps etc on the downhill had broken and were falling apart, rendering most of the best sections un-rideable.

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Red Hill DH jump track

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Red Hill DH

Hey all

The original DH track at Red Hill thats half being rebuilt was the only DH at Red Hill besides 100m Hill, Gardener Gully and Drop zone, but apparently theres another. Its fair trek to get to but its full of drop offs, and its near motocross madness?(something like that)

Can anyone help with this?




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