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By SCAMTB - Posted on 09 March 2011

My brother and I used to ride a series of trails north of Red Hill. A big climb up from the Parkway, miles and miles of tight winding single-trail, finishing off with my favourite descent of technical downhill that really tests you. It’s here I’ve had the most “oh-shit” moments and broken bones, and everywhere else I ride ends up being compared (usually unfavourably) with this loop.
We did this ride for the first time in quite a while about a month ago and found all the ramps etc on the downhill had broken and were falling apart, rendering most of the best sections un-rideable.
After basically abandoning the area and trying all the other usual rides around the Northern Beaches, my brother and I decided we’d have to get back and chip-in with some proper maintenance to get it all back to rideable. Last night we did the ride armed with measuring tape and a camera, with the plan of trying to work out what we’d need to come back with. At home in preparation I'd collected a bunch of pallets and chicken wire, the odd stray plank of 4x1 etc.
Seems someone beat us to it. Everything is new again, with a couple of smart variations that add a whole new dimension. Last night’s ride was only ever going to be a recce but turned out to be one of the best rides I’ve had since recovering from injury (received on this very run!).
To whoever is responsible, a huge huge thank you!
Please, next time you’re planning on some maintenance here or anywhere on the Beaches please message me and we’ll be there. Never done it before, but to quote a line form a certain novel “I’m not very smart but I CAN lift heavy things.”
Cheers, SCAMTB (& mikethebike).

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North of Red Hill? you do mean south of the parkway right Cool
Miles and miles of tight winding single-trail sound like fun, I may have to have a look for this.

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Just checked; always figured Red Hill was just the hill off Lady Penryn Drive, when in fact it's the whole area up to the Parkway and Sports Centre.
So yes, south of the Parkway and the downhill (technical) section that I love starts just below the lookout and comes out at the very bottom, on the western perimeter fence of the centre, with just a 1 min ride (north) to meet the Parkway. I've also heard this is actually called "drop-track 2".........or was it 3? Eye-wink
We'll be doing this ride pretty much every monday or tuesday night until we die, anyone's welcome to join us!

PS - you two "Young lads" responsible for the maintenance; our offer to assist here with building still stands. I hear you intend to do more.....

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