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Oxford Falls Pallet

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By woftt - Posted on 21 February 2011

Hi - does anybody know what happened to the pallet jump on the road track - one of my mates rode last week and said it was missing?

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I was out there last week & on Sunday. When I was out there last week there was a gaping hole where one of the boards had snapped. People had already put some brush matting on the approach & other obstacles so that no one would cane themselves.

On Sunday the pallet had been totally removed from the line, and placed on the side. I've heard talk of rebuilding it with dirt, and perhaps some other options.

That one hold a special place in my memories as it was my first "major" jump at Oxy... Haha, it seems so small now, but once upon a time it scared the hell out of me!

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That jump held special memories for me too as I clearly remember coming to grief one day following 2 other guys who were far better riders than me. I stuipedly jumped off it without ever having looked at it first and ended up too far to the left at the bottom of the gully and consequently out the front door and feeling very sore and sorry. However it has been a regular favourite of mine for about the last 12 months and I was sorry to see it closed off. This did however force me to hit the smaller of the two other jumps which I had been avoiding for weeks so for me there is a silver lining in the removal of the pallet jump. I do however look forward to hitting it again when they re-build it.
It should be said that the guys building the trails out there put a lot of thought and effort into what they are doing. Well done guys.

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The pallet was removed in the interests of safety as the wood was found to be in poor condition & not worth trying to fix - it is proposed to be replaced by a sender of similar size in the not too distant future...

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I thought as much - it was looking a bit rickety, same with the creek ladder.

Yes memories for me too!

If anybody knows Karen she showed me how it's done. What a great rider.

Although conquered long ago it still one of the best parts of the run down the road track.

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