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Highland Fling (Half) - equipment list

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I am entering my first mountain bike event, the half fling and have a couple of simple questions.

I generally do a lot of road riding so my fitness is about right, and I ride trails, approximately once a month. So I certainly wont be the most technical out there, but should have decent fitness to carry me through.

With this being my first event, I'll be riding an aluminium, hard-tail 29er.

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Highland fling ride alternatives

Hi all,
I will be accompanying a friend who in turn is accompanying a friend who is racing at the Fling. I was hoping to be able to ride while we wait for the racing friend to finish, but looking at the course map and not being to familiar with the area I'm not sure if this is possible.
Does anyone know if this is practical? My other option was driving back towards Welby and spending the morning riding the trails there.

Suggestions to alternative riding in the area is much appreciated.

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Tapering for the fling 110k

I have never quite got the taper right for the 110km fling. To little and my legs felt slow and heavy, too much ..oh the hurt from the start. Any suggestions on what to do weekend before and the week leading up??

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Urgent - need a lift back from Highland Fling

Hi all - due to unforeseen circumstances, I and a mate need a lift, incl bikes, back to Sydney (or the west suburbs of) on Sun 14 after the FLING. please pass quickly.


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What are the Climbs like on the Fling

Hi all,
Doing my first fling this week, just want an idea of what to expect re climbs are we talking the Oaks, Bee Nest or Andos??

More for pacing my efforts


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Accomodation available for Highland Fling


Do you and your family need accommodation for the Highland Fling?

We have hired out the Bundanoon Youth Hostel and one room (sleeping up to 6 people) has become available. You'll be joining 9 other families, this is the 3rd year we've done this, and you'll be sure to have a great time.

Cost is $310 per room or per family. That's for 3 nights Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. We've got plenty of activities planned for the kids.

If you're keen call me on 0403 816 666 ASAP.

We expect this will be snapped up so be quick.



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Full Fling ticket for Sale.
Bike crash last week caused back problems, want to ride, but cant ride, need to sell ticket.
Please call Will, 0423009081 or email

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2009 Highland Fling Ticket up for grabs

Sadly I can no longer make the fling. So my ticket it up for grabs..

Thought this would be the easiest way to move it on

You might grab a bargin!

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Elite Fling

Hi, does anybody know why the full fling Elite riders start @ 8.00am yet everybody else starts at 7.30am? Seems reverse of what it should be.


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How do you guys prepare the week before the Fling

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As the title suggests I am wondering specifically what sort of rides and for how long, will you do in the 7 days prior to the Fling on Sun week?

Do you ride on the weekdays in the last week? What sort of nutrition (eg magnesium supplements, etc) do you take if any?

I notice there is a six hour ride planned for Sat, is this too long so close to the race? I really have no clue, hence the questions.

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