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agreed about commercial

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activity , I don't want to see that either , all I want is to be able to ride in the bush without fear of a fine .
But what ! should we just throw our hands up give up and accept this with out at least chalenging this blanket ban on our sport?
Well Im not so here is my 00.2c worth at least its something.
You might think me naive but without a lobby and no voice of opposition NOTHING will happen.
Here is the letter I just sent to the Environment Minister Verity FirthDear Minister ,

Verity Firth re: NPWS TASKFORCE

Dear Minister

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Everyone wants more parks access!

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Here's an interesting article from SMH:

AN INTERNATIONAL airport should be built at Newcastle with a fast train link to Sydney, national parks should be opened for commercial tourism and Sydney should be rebranded as a global tourist destination, says a scathing report on the State Government's handling of tourism since the 2000 Olympics.

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But They Are Illegal!

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In response to a number of comments on here about riding single track in National Parks.

Yes, we all know NOW that riding single track in National Parks is illegal. Actually, I think this was first drawn to my attention a while back when Alchemist mentioned the riding at Bantry Bay. There didn't used to be signs at Bantry Bay (nor Oxford Falls for that matter) so I didn't even know this was National Park, let alone the rule about single track.

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NPWS Protest

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The Australian Horse Alliance are one group we need to talk to as they seem to have been fighting this good fight longer then us.

I searched the NPWS site last night using the "keyword" [Mountain Bike trails] and can you believe a "0" result to my search even though the Royal National Park has "Official" mountain bike trails.

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Ranger News - May 2008

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For unknown technical reasons I didn't get this email from the rangers until today, the news below was sent to us on Friday from local NPWS rangers. Apologies for the delay.

What follows is the update quoted in full.

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Sign at Bantry Bay

I was at the Dam today and went over the Bantry Bay. There is now a no bikes sign at the start of the singletrack. It also has a little comment about it being a Aboriginal site.

Is this new? It's been a fair few weeks since I been there.

Unfortunately I still saw plenty of bikes riding out of there who obviously ignored the signs.

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Action to prevent motor vehicles at Cascades

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I have been in contact with the Garigal NP rangers regarding stakes and logs and other entry prevention methods at Cascades. This was brought up in the none too tactful Cascades - NPWS Stupid, Dangerous and Ugly post.

Their explanation is below...

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NPWS Meeting Apr 9, 2008

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This afternoon Justin and I met with a two representatives of NPWS (Ranger Kim McClymont and Area Manager Chris Grudnoff) at their office in Forestville.

I am very pleased to report this was seen by all parties as a very productive encounter, with everyone keen to hear others point of view and coming away with some constructive actions that will hopefully help all involved, and of course the mountain bike community as a whole.

The short version: Things have come to a head at Oxford Falls (Garigal National Park) as a result of large rider numbers, illegal trail use and erosion becoming too much of an issue in the NPWS organisation. If riders can please show restraint and respect the 'no go' areas recently signposted here then future legal trail building may well be approved.

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NP Boundary

This shows the rough boundary of Garrigal NP in the Oxford Falls Area.

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Parts of Oxford Falls Officially Closed

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A mate of mine rode little Moab yesterday morning and said there is a massive 'no bikes' sign at the start of the XC loop where it branches off next to the Aero club gate.

Apparently the sign says there are Aboriginal carvings and fines of up to $5000 for causing trail damage (whatever that is defined as).

Apparently the same sign is at the entrance to a certain track that starts up on Mona Vale rd.

I just read with interest the forum on National parks interest in this site. Guess it makes it pretty easy for them to monitor what trails are where.

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