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Glenrcok Draft POM process update

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Just a quick update for those of you who took the time to put in a submission to the draft Glenrock POM.

Speaking to NPWS there were over 180 submissions to the proposal, with the vast majority being pro mtb access.

From a mtb stand point, the submissions were positive with the main concern raised being access to the southern area of the park. What NPWS do with this, I don't know, but I am quietly confident that the southern boundary, while not being removed, may be amended. Time will tell.

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DECC Advisory committees

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What are NPW Regional Advisory committees?

National Parks and Wildlife (NPW) Regional Advisory Committees play an important role in the relationship between the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and the community. There are 18 regional advisory committees across New South Wales, plus a special committee for Hartley Historic Site.

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National Parks and Wildlife Act

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Thought a few people might like this, given the chat about NPWS of late.

Basically, National Parks appear to be governed by the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 No 80. It's online here:

Some interesting parts are (and I have snipped some of the sections of course):

2A Objects of Act:
(1) The objects of this Act are as follows:

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NPWS - Draft Plan of Management for Glenrock

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Its been a long time since I posted here on the Glenrock POM (not sure I have), or really had anything to post. I do now so I have created this thread as a spot for people to ask questions about, or discuss news as it arrives.

The big news is that the Draft POM is being launched on Monday 16th Feb. I will be at the launch and speaking to the politicians on offer, but basically the chance is just about here for everyone to have their say.

Ed: Update 22-Feb: The plan is now out for comment. It can be downloaded here (this page also includes details of how to comment):

I would encourage everyone to submit a comment. It doesn't have to be wordy, even something simple as, "Please adopt the network of MTB trails as I love the sport and this will encourage me to visit the park." will do (although please don't copy that word for word - they weed out duplicates).

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Was your submission the the NP tourism taskfork counted?

There has been a bit of talk about the low number of submissions from the MTB community on the recent tourism taskforce.

Details of every submission is on this page (or if they move from there, they are also in the Appendix document):

For the record, if you submitted comment supporting MTB access (which is clearly a very easy way to increase tourism and park use) to the taskforce and your submission is not listed please comment on this thread. Just a simple, "They forgot me - Fred Flintstone" will suffice.

Update: Please indicate if you sent your submission via email or regular postal mail.

Update: To clarify - we are talking about the NSW Tourism Taskforce for NSW National Parks as discussed on the DECC site above (not the other trail advocacy campaign about trails in Hornsby which seems to have had more support).

Please do not comment on this thread for any other reason. If you want to discuss this further please start another topic.

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Ministerial Complaints

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I wrote a basically unchanged version of the below letter earlier this year but didn't post it then. Along came the task force on National Parks and a few other initiatives.

However, the conversation today has prompted me to fish it out and send it off. I also sent a copy to the minister for sport & rec and asked that they help influence the provision of cycling facilities.

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NPWS Task Force

Hay Rob ,have you heard any news on the task force looking into NPWS ?
Have they had it yet ? did they actually do anything to help our sport ?
I hope all those letters actually got read and discussed by the boffins
and not just filled away in the bin.

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Ministerial Taskforce on Tourism and National Parks in NSW

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I just emailed this to the taskforce (see Tourism and NSW national parks) and will send hardcopy tomorrow. As they've moved the date there's plenty more time for writing and hope this will encourage others.

The Secretary
Taskforce on Tourism and National Parks
GPO Box 7050
Sydney 2001

July 8 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in response to your invitation for submissions on the Ministerial Taskforce on Tourism and National Parks in NSW.

Some time ago I was a tourist visiting Sydney and was introduced to a number of National Parks at that time. I now live in Sydney and make much use of urban National Parks in the area, and given the impression left from early visits make it a priority to take any out of town or overseas visitor to any parks I can. In addition to this when planning short breaks I will often include a visit to National Parks further afield, once again becoming a tourist visitor to these places.

From experience described above there are a few points that I believe should help visitation as part of your plan. These points are summarised first, then explained more fully after, I hope this aids your reporting processes.

So, to summarise:

  • Better general promotion both on-line and in popular tourist spots.
  • Examples of activities/suggested itineraries to draw visitors into parks.
  • No visitor centres in remote locations – only the bare essentials, probably staff free.
  • Public transport infrastructure to urban National Parks.
  • No motorised activities.
  • Equality of walking and cycling access on all trails.
  • Update the cycling policy and make it more consistent across all parks.
  • Better planning of tracks & trails.
  • Return single track alongside existing one way firetrails.
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Access Denied! A look at regulating MTB in National Parks.

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Continuing MB sign valdalism

Anthony Seiver looks at why regulating mountain bike riding in national parks is necessary and ultimately in the best interests of the sport.

The regulation of mountain biking riding in national parks triggers condemnation from some riders and acceptance from others. Those who condemn the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) feel that there should be no or few controls on mountain biking in national parks because it is public space and they believe that it has no impacts. More reasonable riders accept that NPWS has to regulate mountain biking to find the balance between conservation, public safety and our right to enjoy our sport. The Royal National Park to the south of Sydney provides examples of good and bad regulation. I have closely observed mountain bike regulation in the Royal and my attitude has changed from condemning NPWS' heavy-handed imposition of mountain bike regulation in 2001 to an acceptance of its need. This article outlines the reasons for my shift in attitude by identifying why and how mountain bike riding in national parks should be regulated.

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Tourism and NSW national parks

Some rather exciting news that could mean better access to NSW National Parks may be forthcoming in the future.

The NSW Government's State Plan seeks to increase visitation to our national parks, and reserves by 20 per cent by 2016. To meet this target it is vital that we provide high quality and diverse visitor experiences and promote these special places effectively, while ensuring the protection of their conservation values.


Submissions are invited from interested individuals and organisations on tourism and national parks. Written submissions are invited, and should be lodged by close of business Monday 29 August 2008.

Yes - I know - August 29 this year is not a Monday, they must mean the Friday that week.

The addresses for submission are on the page this was taken from here:

Any suggestions about what needs to be said in response? If you do write can you please post about it in the Action I've Taken forum.

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