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JetBlack twenty four hours Sydney 2010

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By trailburner - Posted on 24 September 2009

Saturday, 6 February, 2010 - 12:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

24 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Del Rio
Meeting Point: 

Del Rio Resort is on Riverside Drive, Webbs Creek, NSW.


Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Now in its second year the JetBlack twenty four hour Sydney will be back in the Del Rio Resort, Wiseman's Ferry on February 6+7 2010.

Endurance racing in style and luxury: cabins, pool, pub, minigolf.

We are working on a new track to get up the hill and around the steep firetrail climb. Progress about the trackwork is on our facebook page:

Registration is now open and you can find all the details at
NoBMoB'ers get 10% off before xmas. See

See you out there,

Who's in?
christine, Whisperer, Buck, Steve 01, Carlgroover, LadyToast, trailburner, Boris, trailbunny, jdb, dangersean, shortcut72, Scottboy (13 riders)
christine Whisperer Buck Steve 01 Carlgroover LadyToast trailburner Boris trailbunny jdb dangersean shortcut72 Scottboy
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Buck Somehow 1st Finished 24 Mixed Team 6 1
Whisperer Wet again but an awesome result Finished 24:20:20 4 24 Male Team 4 40+ 1
LadyToast Cups of sand Finished 24:22:48 24 Male Team 4 40+ 1
Checkmate The first 24 hour .... not really:) Finished 24:44:59 24 Male Solo 28
Rob A flying visit Did not start
trailburner Hi fellow mud lovers. Did not start
Lenny_GTA Mud, Mud, Mud. Sydney 24 washup, or was it washout?

Were you there and have a story to tell?

Ride Gallery
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We are proud to announce that the JetBlack twenty four hours Sydney 2010 just received the status of Official Qualifying Event for the World MTB solo Championships 2010 in Canberra. Entries are capped at 600 at the moment until we know how long the final track will be.

Looking forward to some fierce battles on one of the harder 24 hour tracks out there.

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Hmmmmm no maybe not sure wasnt much fun last year.

I might if some others go solo SS too.

Ive already qualified for world champs so dont know if I want to hurt myself on this silly track.

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I remember having a ball last year, dispite the weather. Just a look at the pictures says it all.

I'll probably be doing this one again pending training and time.

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I would like to do this race again, although i think i'll be looking for a 6 man team this year instead of 4.if anyone's interested.

christine's picture

had SO MUCH fun last year, it was a total hoot...mind you, unlike Mantoast we were lucky enough to have a cabin - highly recommended!

Anyway, a new team for us and bring it on!!

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I missed out last year due to a torn shoulder Sad, but would up for ago next year. Just need to join ateam

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Hi guys,

Here is some track info for the race:
Thanks Tony and Videotime for the video taken at last year's race.

@minute 1.09 we want to make an extra loop that goes out on a firetrail next to the river and back on singletrail parallel to it.
@2.22 here we will go straight onto the new trail. We will be out there again tomorrow morning to build and I will put some pics up on our facebook page
@4.11 or thereabouts we will rejoin the original track
@5.10 from here the downhill fun starts - great ride after the track has been so nicely ridden in last year. I may be biased but the track along the creek is the best MTB track I have ever ridden.
@7.43 the trail will still go around the resort and past the cabins but will be slightly different to last year so that there will be less crossings of roads.
@9.26 BMX track will be included again this year.

This video is sped up so if anyone does a sub 10 min laptime we will drugtest for every substance known to man. From memory the fastest lap times last year were around 25 minutes. Track length will be around 8-8.5 km but overtaking will be very easy on about 70% of the track as it is quite wide.

It is on private property so unfortunately you can't go and test ride it unless you come to a build day. Will post it here when we do the next one on a weekend.

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I agree with Christine everyone had a hoot last year so I'll be back, there's something about having a pub trackside at a 24 that's hard to beat, but also the event was well organised and had a great atmosphere last year despite the pouring rain.

I think I'll join a team this time for something different but I'll decide a bit closer to the event.


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I did some research and here are the rules which are specific to our event:

If you are riding Male Solo:
The top half of the field will qualify for the ELITE category.

If you are riding Male Solo 40+:
The top half of the field will qualify for the AGE GROUP categories
The top riders will most likely qualify for the ELITE category based on their lap count. This is decided by the organisers of the Champs.

If you are riding Female Solo:
The top half of the field will qualify for the ELITE category.
The top 5 riders will qualify for the ELITE category regardless of size of the field.

If you are riding Female Solo 40+:
The top half of the field will qualify for the AGE GROUP categories
The top riders will most likely qualify for the ELITE category based on their lap count. This is decided by the organisers of the Champs.

If you are riding Male Solo Single Speed:
The top half of the field will qualify for the SINGLE SPEED category.

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This might be of interest:

A bit different from our original plans, but we think it is the best way to get up the hill and still have all the great downhill parts. We will most likely be out there again this Sunday for some trackwork. Send me an email if you want to come along.

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I will be out at Del Rio that day, just doing the 4hr Grand Prix though, then when i finish am going to be helping with timing for a few hrs, then might even get out for a few night laps as a roving marshal, seeyou out there


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as a volunteer / helper so watch out I like to see a lot of nobmob jerseys out there

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We've put together a pretty strong team for this one based around the 'Nuts' team/theme:

Carl Groover
Lady Toast

We'll be racing in the 40+ category as the Salty Nuts. Should be fun!

btw, we've got Villa 29 1Q 3S, which is on the river side of the park.


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Surprised no-one has mentioned the weather yet... oh, I just did.

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The rain came early didnt it.

The rain up at Glenbrook yesterday brought back memories of that muddy gully.

You would have to be pretty unlucky to get the weather we had last year again this year.

Hope its a fun race for you guys.

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You may get to relive last year's 'fun'...

Buck's picture

Ohhh man.......I better stock up on brake pads

dangersean's picture

2 bikes and another 4 pairs of brake pads.

If thats not enough I will pull the pin on the race!!!

****Does anybody have Magura Louise brake pads I can buy?

leximack's picture

i am doing the 4hr GP at Del Rio on Sat
Last yr how long did people get out of there brake pads?, i am running Avid Juicys on the Anthem.
Will i have to stop mid race for a brake pad change?, i would rather not if i can get away with it and then change them when i am all done.
Any thoughts or should i just see how it goes. I have a couple of sets spare so will bring them along.
I will be in the timing tent after my 4hr is doen so say hello as you ride past


BT's picture

I was changing pads every 1 or two laps at times. Wasn't cheap!!! Sad

christine's picture

everyone was doing that - I doubt it will rain THAT much again this year? too funny if it does.. at least it's warm! Smiling

Damien's picture

Its going to rain that much again maybe even more.

dangersean's picture

Time to be quiet now Damian Sad

christine's picture

the smart people took cabins again this year instead of floating away in their camps like you lot did last year Damien.
Your camp was seriously alfoat...

LadyToast's picture

Ah, sweet memories. You cooking again Blondie? Eye-wink

christine's picture

the stroganoff is ordered and I am collecting tomorrow along with the bacon for Saturday mornings sandwiches!!! on a non cooking team then?!!! Smiling

Bikeboy's picture

I will be thinking of you from my warm cozy bed . Hope the track is better than last year . I will still cook up some Spagetti Boingonaise in memory of last years slosh fest

Damien's picture

I will be nice and dry at home now thats smart.

LadyToast's picture

Christine, just pulling your leg. You know what a life saver you where to us soggy bottoms last year Smiling

Well, I'm all packed I think. I wonder if 2 spare tyres, 2 chains and 6 sets of pads will be enough? Whoever is selling pads will make a killing this year.

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I feel for those buggers riding the 24hr!

Was up there today and although it wasn't as bad as last year (yet) it definitely had the potential to be rather, err 'fun'!
Apparently they had a massive downpour on Friday night and it was raining on and off most of the day, so the the ground was waterlogged and of course, gear was damp.

By the time Gav and I left Del Rio, the sun had peaked its head out, but as soon as we got to the top of Wiseman's Ridge i.e. heading back to Hornsby, the rain came and we were 'lucky' enough to have it all the way back. Add in the rain we are currently experiencing (Saturday night), I'm sure it's well and truly and slosh fest.

Look forward to hearing about the war stories post race!

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it's been postponed overnight again just as bad as last year glad i'm not out there.

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Good day out. Very challenging conditions but it was fun in some twisted sort of way!

Pissed and pedaling won the mixed 6's.
Salty Nuts won the Masters 4!

Will report in more detail later.......going to lie down now!

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BT's picture

Can't believe it happened again...

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