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Couldn't defend the title

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I was fortunate enough to win this category at last year's event. It came on the back of some decent raining for the BC Bike race. I was pretty fit back then.

But this year was a different story...

It started with the fact that this race was moved forward a month because of clashes with other events. When I found out I was in Canada on a month long skiing holiday. I knew that wasn't going to leave me with much time for any training when I got back to Sydney.

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There is no shame in walking

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… and I’m glad I did cause it was difficult to even walk it with my jelly legs at 68km - I’m sure I would have fallen in if I had of ridden it.

Proud to have completed my first 100km race (in fact my first 100km ride….) without falling off. Was aiming for around the 6 hour mark based on previous 50km efforts and achieved that goal!! Very stiff and sore that evening and the following day but recovered quite quickly on Monday to start planning the next big race!

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