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Couldn't defend the title

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By xmas - Posted on 22 February 2016

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James Williamson Enduro Challenge 2016
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I was fortunate enough to win this category at last year's event. It came on the back of some decent raining for the BC Bike race. I was pretty fit back then.

But this year was a different story...

It started with the fact that this race was moved forward a month because of clashes with other events. When I found out I was in Canada on a month long skiing holiday. I knew that wasn't going to leave me with much time for any training when I got back to Sydney.

So my training in the lead up consisted of about 3 or 4 outings around the Dam and a gravity enduro event up at Ourimbah. And the clincher was an invite to a corporate box on Saturday nite for the FC v Wanderers game. I should have restrained myself... I didn't. Cold beer and free cold beer at that saw me stumble into bed at 12.15am. Woke up twice to relieve the bladder and then the alarm went off at 5.30am.... and I was feeling very very dusty.... Felt better after a couple of double shots of caffiene and some food. Into the car it was - pissing down in Sydney as I left but cleared and thankfully the conditions at Wingello were cool and misty. Perfect riding weather really.

A fast and furious start as the young guns just smoked me off the start line. Into single track early and this went for a couple of kays which actually suited me. Let me ease into the race a little bit. But i had no idea where i was in my category. So I just put my head down and went as fast as I could. A few holdups as we caught the 50km stragglers in a few sections of the single track. Although the course was similar to last year it had a different start/finish point and it seemed that there was a bit more single track. But the masochoist organisers saw it in their wisdom to finish with that whopping big hill. Not a particularly fun way to end the race. Crossed the finish line with bugger all left in the tank. No acknowledgement from the announcer so I assumed that I wasn't first in category. Where did I finish? 5th / 10th??. Nah - better than that - got second place - but about 4 and half minutes behind the winner... I obviously didn't see him for dust.

Considering everything I was stoked with the result. But to put it in perspective my single lap time would have me very mid field in the 50km race. At least next year I get to go in the supermasters.... oh wait there is no supermasters for the 25km. Guess i will still have to compete against buggers who are 10 years younger Smiling

Great event, well run and a good vibe. And Wingello is a ripper place to ride.

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Well done

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Well done Grant! Maybe I should you next year and try to make a race of it Smiling

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... to put in a supermasters 25km category.

There were 28 categories at this year's event - what's one more !!

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Stirling effort with the preparation, my good man. That's some serious dedication. Laughing out loud

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