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under 5 hrs!

I thought this might be good for a little giggle as I made it to the finish just under 5 hours to be exact it took me: 4.59.57 hehe Laughing out loud

How is that for 'timing'? Sticking out tongue

(Do I need to mention that I did the 50km not the 100km?? Shocked )

I was amazed (and glad) about how the super great, fast flowing DH single track instantly wiped out the memory of the just climbed (walked) hill and made me struggle up the next!?

Thanks for the great weekend everybody! So much fun to hang out, listen to all the pains and dramas and having a laugh about it.Smiling

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Great weekend!

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Thanks everybody for the great weekend!

I loved every minute of it and thanks to kiwi boy and super girl I had the best time riding the 50km (even though I could feel my lack of riding over the last few months big time)! Nice pace and heaps of fun! I will especially miss your big sigh: "Hmmmmmm, oh dear!" at the start of every hill, kiwi boy. It made me laugh every time! Smiling

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