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Dirtworks Round Up

Most of the 50km C start group.

Congratulations all on another fantastic Dirtworks run. Hurrah for having a category winner in our midst - well done that Kiwi!

And the results list continues to grow below are our efforts. I've taken the liberty of correcting my own time to leap ahead of AlchemiSSt - sorry ;)

Apologies in advance if I've missed anyone off, PM me and you shall be added!

100Km Results:

OverallRace NoWhoTimeCategoryCat Pos
69136Steve 0105:29:18Masters12

50Km Results:

OverallRace NoWhoTimeCategoryCat Pos
131062AR Junkie02:03:07Open6
1301261leopafe 02:35:30Veteran55
2011118Paul02:47:35Super Master17
259851Andy Bloot02:51:55Masters74
4691068Kiwigirl03:24:56Super MasterFirst!
518907Stuart M03:26:34Masters139
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Support TerraCare

With a bit of talk of trail advocacy and maintenance in the forum, it seems an opportune time to promote TerraCare here. From their site:

TerraCare was created as an information centre where MTBers can find out what their local park or club is doing on their local trails what is happening with their local trails and when and where maintenance is being carried out.

Check out the TerraCare site which already has a few trail maintenance events listed in Sydney. It's only been running a couple of weeks but this is a good sign. Please support them and go along and help look after the trails not only for yourself, but the riding community in general.

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Manly Dam Maintenance Days

Some good news for all those keen to get out and make a difference to the trails - another two Manly Dam Maintenance days have been announced. Check Trail Maintenance is Fun! to see what goes on here.

Please contact Nicole at the address below if you're interested in helping:

Location: Manly Dam
Dates: Sunday 25th february 2007 AND Sunday 27th may 2007
Times: Both days 9am-12:30/1pm
Meeting place: Meeting at the manly dam rangers office 112 king st manly vale.
Contacts: 0409 773 097 or 9949 3235

Things to bring:
Hat, sunsreen, sunglasses, morning tea, two litres drinking water, and wear sturdy work shoes.

Other details:
BBQ lunch will be provided in the first picnic area.

Registration essential. email me to register and provide your contact phone no. for the day.We will have to cap the numbers at 15 people as we do not have the staff to adequately supervise any more people. Please email to register.

All volunteers need to be between 18 and 80 years old as warringah council's insurance policy does not cover these two groups. Sorry, that means no kids at all.

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Happy New Year

It's probably not too un-PC to wish everyone here a very happy new year. Hope whatever you've been up to over the last few weeks involved a good deal more bike riding than I did.

Oxford Falls in Google Earth

It's good to see many rides organised lately, and so many choices, all good.

Oh, OK - to make this kindof news worthy - last night the Oxford Falls map was updated with the drop down to Deep Creek and a nice bit of 'creekside' sniggle. Given the discussion about this, hope there's another update soon.

Goals for this year (as always) will be to discover and map more trails... and keep on having fun.

Happy trails!

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Manly Dam Partial Closures

Just in from the rangers:

Firetrail maintenance works

The Manly Dam Firetrail (the vehicular access road) will be closed to all users for maintenance works weekdays from Monday 13th November 2006.

This closure will prevent access to all sections of the fire trail and the single track at Allambie Hts to the Childrens Playground at Cootamundra Drive Allambie Hts.

These works will take approximately three weeks.

The closed areas will blocked off with barrier fencing and tape.

Alternative access to other parts of bikecircuit track via local roads must be sought during the week as heavy machinery and trucks will be present on the trail.

Access to the above areas will be available on weekends only for the duration of works.

Powerline Works

Energy Australia will be working beneath powerlines at Allambie Heights in the Park weekdays from Monday 13th November 2006 for approximately 1 week.

Care must be taken on the Allambie Heights side of the circuit from Cootamundra Drive Allambie Heights to King St Manly Vale due to the presense of heavy machinery for vegetation clearing under powerlines.

Any enquiries please forward to us via email or the phone numbers listed below.


Manly Dam Rangers

Nicole McVicar
Park Ranger
Manly Dam
Warringah Council
112 King St Manly Vale NSW 2093
ph (02)9949 3235 / 9949 9284
mob 0409 773 097

I can't quiet figure out where Nicole is talking about - but by the sounds of it staying away completely in the week is the go - which shouldn't be a problem for most of us office bound folk Sad

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Manly Dam Bike Trail Open

Excellent - I know this will make a few people happy:

Please pass this message on and my email to anyone who wishes to be notified of closures/trail maintenance days etc at Manly Dam.

Many Thanks


No worries Nicole... Smiling

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Manly Dam Closed... Again!

Hi guys, sorry to report another mail from Nicole this morning:

Due to the heavy rains the Manly Dam mountain bike trail has been closed until further notice...

Future use of Manly Dam for mountain biking does depend heavily on the co-operation of riders during these closures.

Updated Sat, 9th Sep

Have also just had word of great support the coming trail maintenance day:

Can you let people on your website know that if they wish to come to the trail maintenance day on the 17th September they need to register with us first.

We have enough people for the day already but it will be difficult for us from a safety perspective if we get a lot of people just turning up.

There will be more of these maintenance days to come in the near future. they need to register with us first.



Nicole McVicar
Park Ranger
Manly Dam
Warringah Council
ph (02)9949 3235
mob 0409 773 097

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