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Manly Dam 4th november 4pm

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By Speedy - Posted on 29 October 2006

hey everyone, just letting you know that I am planning to ride the dam at about 4pm on saturday the 4th november, so if anyone wants to tag along, just dropp me a message, either to my account or to 0403106390.
cya there.

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Hey... I'm not riding tomorrow morning so can perhaps make this. Depends what happens earlier in the day - will drop you a txt if I can join. Meet the usual place corner King/Arana?

Cheers Smiling

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everytime I go out to the Dam before a race I end up braking either a bone or my bike (in one case both). Needless to say, I'm not going to join you this week.

However, would love to hear about how that section of trail we fixed up and replanted is growing and going... any problems with it etc.

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Already rode the new section. It's very nice and flows really well Smiling

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