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Come and meet the in-laws

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By Stuart M - Posted on 28 October 2006

OK, so the trouble-n-strife gets home from her "work" jaunt around the land of the wrong white cloud Tuesday morning so that means I can finally get out for another ride.

Now I know its not the full moon yet but guess what, it is Halloween so what better thing to do than get out for a night ride and meet my in-laws, and any other ghoulies that may be out-n-about.

Where: well I'll throw up the usual jaunt and say Terry Hills but if you Flingers want somewhere else I'm happy to follow the crowd.

When: Tuesday night of course, 31st October

Time: Lets say 7.30 to 8.00ish, will confirm when I see just how dark it gets by 7

As usual post back if interested, oh yeah, don't forget the next full moon ride in the mountains Sunday night.


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Any takers for this or am I riding solo?

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you know me, would love to, however, the magazine is late so no doubt i will be here again - aside from which i doubt i will be able to pedal after 'extreme training' tonight - she is a horrid trainer and kills us! (boot camp style!)
anyway, i shall pass this on to Will, who after yesterday thinks that perhaps he really should be training for the half a fling... yep, he really has left it this late!!!

MEEE Smiling

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... oh go on then, you've talked me into it... Eye-wink

If the lights can be fixed this eve that is! Post the final details and see you there unless you hear otherwise.

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I'll be there but i'll be pretty slow, lungs are still coming back from sickness.

Give me a time and place i'll see you there.

My number is in my profile if you wish to give me a call.


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Meet at 7.30pm for as close to a 7.30pm start as possible.

Usual place, next to the cafe at Terry Hills


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