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manly dam sunday 5th 2pm ish

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By foxpuppet - Posted on 02 November 2006

any one riding out there on sunday? we are going to do our first dam permitting just to get an idea of the track and distance etc...roseville has grown short

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I am a moderately experienced rider, and have completed Manly Dam many times, but I am new to this site so don't really know any of you regulars.

If there is a ride at Manly Dam on Sunday, and you were okay with meeting there, please say so as I will come along. I would be interested in meeting other riders. Due to Manly Dam's popularity, I am sure there will be plenty of takers here.

Liam Linstid.

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yeh im new here to, but i think this sunday may be out for me now! maybe the following week...if its on we will see you there perhaps!
are you guys having a killer time?

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I live in Hornsby, so my favourite rides are in and around the North shore area. But there are other quality rides I do that are outside of the Sydney Metro area. I usually ride places like:

- Oxford Falls
- Red Hill (my favourite)
- Manly Dam
- The Oaks
- Winmalee
- Terrey Hills
- Cascades
- Davidsons

I am okay about Sunday 5th. Okay to leave this to another time, but next weekend of the 11th/12th is a no can do, for family reasons.

I rode Terrey Hills for the first time today, which you would think would be pretty straightforward, being basically fire trails. But me and a mate were out for over 3 hours, so I am absolutely knackered. Nothing overly technical, to be sure. But the fitness requirement was far above what I was expecting.

FYI - there seems to be big attendences on weekends at places like Manly Dam, Oxford Falls, Red Hill, due to their easy accessability. From what I see, there are heaps of people that use this site that ride those trails every weekend. You would have no trouble hooking up with them. Just find the right thread to post.

Just out of curiosity, are there any good places at Mt Colah?

Cheers, Liam.

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yeah there are a few in berowra, still have not found most of them yet! my mates rode cascades for the first time yesterday...they reckon its great so we are gonna hit that a few times and see where all the trails go. maybe ride from to st ives to oxford falls. we are also gonna do the oaks (blue mtns right) trail sometime prolly in december.
what are the terrey hills tracks like?

are you guys having a killer time?

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Terrey Hills was pretty good, in that I would recomend it to you to ride. It is very reminiscent of the fire trails all over the Blue Mountains. Not much slower technical parts to speak of. There are plenty of fast parts with water bars (air time baby!) and also slower short pinch hills to test how your fitness is going. They are interesting, at least for you to monitor how your strength is going. Check out the link on this site for the Terrey Hills ride. It provides a nice explanation of the tracks, and also a map. I printed this off and took it with me the first time). I have only ridden TH once on Sat. What a mud hole - but great fun.

The Oaks is a series of fire trails used by the Rural Fire Service between Woodford and Glenbrook in the lower Blue Mountains. Subject to a persons's individual opinion, the Oaks is generally considered the best MTB run in Sydney due to it's length (about 30 km), speed and variety of trails. There are also some cool single trails inter-connected with the fire trails, so there is plenty of everything in there. All levels of experience are catered for. Plenty of pinch hills, fast downhills, long straights, snaking single trails, and some good rocky technical (my favourite!!). When you do the Oaks in Dec, post your availability at the time and I will come with you. Good to have someone show you the cool bits if you have not been there yet.

I always have a killer time Laughing out loud

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